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How To Hire Web Developer (3 Simple Ways)

It’s important to hire web developer that is right for your business the first time out, as a professional web developer will help in achieving your business goals like creating an online presence for your company, attracting more customers, increasing conversion rates, and perfecting your branding.

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Here are three simple ways you can hire a great web developer:

1) Hire Remote Web Developer

Many startups or established businesses prefer to hire remote/offshore web developers due to cost-effectiveness, quality, and flexibility. Remote web developers are easy to attract as it reduces wasted money and time commuting. Hiring an experienced remote developer with a previous track record of development can benefit your business. Many great tools, like Skype, Google Hangouts, emails, Dropbox, etc., can help a team work remotely. There are also simple project management tools available like BaseCamp, Trello, Timely Projects, and others that can help you assign tasks to the developer, show at a glance who is working on what, and their progress on the charges.

If you’re not comfortable exploring or experimenting with the different project management and collaboration tools, don’t worry, the remote developers or companies that provide remote developers usually are experienced in this domain and can help set up relevant collaboration tools and methods that suit your needs in the best way.

2) Hire On-site Developer

Hiring developers on-site is typically costly vs. hiring remote developers, as you must set up infrastructure to allow developers to work on-site. On the other hand, having an on-site developer gives you the advantage of always having him available during office hours, doing meetings when you want, and knowing him face-to-face. But there is a chance you might hire someone from a poor local talent pool. This is not always the best option, especially if you’re not an IT expert with relevant experience to verify the coding and long-term maintenance quality of the work being done by an on-site developer.

You will also need to allocate working space and give him fringe benefits and perks to retain the on-site resource. Some developers might not be willing to travel or relocate, especially if they are married and have a family.

3) Hire Through Freelance Marketplace websites

There are a lot of freelance marketplaces that allow you to hire web developers at your convenience. You can choose a developer having specific expertise and living in a preferred location. The developers in freelance marketplaces are usually freelancers, looking for new clients and jobs constantly to work on after their day job. This is a good option for clients that have significant budget constraints.

However, this option usually turns out bad for clients looking for quality and long-term, properly maintainable work. The freelance part-time developer’s main priority is to make an extra income. Still, they cannot be available for support on a regular or urgent basis, typically work in their free time over the weekends, and are not as dedicated as a full-time developer either remote or on-site.

If you need a remote full-time or part-time developer or need a dedicated team to work for you remotely, contact My Web Programmer. You get highly professional and experienced developers that are reliable and on budget.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right web developer is crucial for your business, as they can help you achieve your goals, establish an online presence, attract customers, and enhance your brand. There are three main options to consider: hiring a remote web developer, which offers cost-effectiveness and flexibility with tools like Skype and project management platforms; opting for an on-site developer, providing immediate availability and in-person collaboration, although at a higher cost and potential talent limitations; or exploring freelance marketplaces, which offer convenience but may lack long-term quality and dedicated support. For reliable and experienced remote developers, consider reaching out to My Web Programmer. Make an informed decision based on your specific needs, budget, and desired level of involvement to ensure a successful partnership with the right web developer.

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