7 reasons for choosing wordpress for small business design

While running a small business, the website acts as a storefront. If your website is not appealing, or if it does not have a mobile version, the customers would not be attracted towards your business.

Most of the small business website owners think that they have all what the larger business have in their website. But that is not true. Small business website Design and development counts a lot.

Many small businesses choose WordPress as a CMS for their website re-design. WordPress is a free platform that is used to power the back end of your website. WordPress is commonly known as CMS or Content Management System as it lets you easily create and organize all the media and pages on your website so you can easily maintain and update your website when needed.

Following are 7 reasons you should consider WordPress for your small business website re-design project.

1) Use Your website as a Blog

If you are having a different website for your blog, then getting your website on WordPress platform will solve the problem. You can just set a specific page on your website to be your blog. Then you can easily start posting your articles on your blog page and keep your content up to date to keep the customers attracted and up to date with your business.

why choose wordpress for website design

2) WordPress Updates Automatically

WordPress updates itself automatically in terms of security and keeps itself aligned with the most current and best policies. You can rest assured that your site will automatically update and become more secure for users and visitors. You can turn off the auto update feature and update WordPress manually when needed.

3) WordPress is open source.

The word “Open source” means that the developers are able to contribute to WordPress by means of plugins themes and updates. In this way, the system keeps on updating constantly with new addition that does not cost you anything.

4) WordPress is SEO friendly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the idea of making your website recognizable by the search engines like Google and Yahoo. WordPress offers a way to the small business owners for optimizing their website in the easiest way possible to attract search engine traffic.

5) WordPress is not a Newbie

WordPress has been around for above 10 years so it is not a new product in the website and web development market. WordPress is not perfect (just as any other CMS), but it surely is problem free. As time passes, all the troubles of the WordPress will eventually decrease.  Moreover, there are many WordPress developers for hire that can build your WordPress website effectively and efficiently.

6) Coding for WordPress is Not New

Among the main reasons of so much popularity of WordPress is that it has been much popular choice for any web developer as he or she knows the way of coding WordPress. When a problem arises, you can easily fix it or if you want to change the look of the website, you can do it easily.

7) WordPress is Easy to Use

One of the best thing about WordPress is that it’s simple to use. Anyone can easily login and start using it. Our clients find it very easy to manage their website, publish articles on their blog, make edits on their website,  manage users and a lot more. It is quite fast to train new employees on managing their WordPress website.


If you are starting as an entrepreneur, or if your business is growing much effectively, then you will need a website that grows the way you do. And there is no better choice for you than WordPress as it has all that you need. Hire web programmers that are professional and have strong experience developing WordPress websites.

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