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In the early days of Atlanta, digital marketing wasn’t a thing.

Small companies ran their ads in print newspapers or magazines. Larger companies might have had a website that was just an online brochure with little to no traffic going to it.

Then social media happened and changed everything. 

Suddenly, it wasn’t just about big companies having a digital presence.  It was about everyone being online and accessible to their customers 24/7. 

Every company needed custom website design services, even if they were a brick-and-mortar establishment with only a physical address. 

There has been a dramatic shift in the marketing world of recent years because of social media and digital marketing. But there’s more that comes into play when it comes to being successful on the web today.

Custom WordPress Development Company Atlanta

Why WordPress Development?

WordPress development is one segment of the internet marketing scene that plays an important role for companies all over Atlanta. 

In fact, WordPress development has become so important that some people argue you’re not going to make it big if you start today. 

You see, WordPress is free and easy to use. Anyone can create and maintain a website using this platform. While that’s all great and good, it means that more and more of the web is filled with poorly made websites that don’t look professional. 

The role of WordPress Development Companies came into play as small businesses needed technical help getting their sites up and running. 

A great WordPress development company in Atlanta doesn’t mean you can ignore traditional marketing and get away with it. 

A WordPress development company still helps you make an impact on customers and get your desired results. It just means that they’ll help take care of all the digital work while you handle making sales happen face to face.

Word press development in particular became a valuable skill for people who wanted work digitally involving writing content, formatting, images, etc… It involved more than just having HTML knowledge or knowing how to turn on FTP access on your web hosting account.  It was more than just creating accounts with platforms like Facebook and Twitter back then either.

WordPress development is more than just being able to do certain builds or use a plugin here and there. You need a team with a thorough understanding of how things work under the hood. Every single point where people interact online needs to be thought about from end to end. You don’t want to miss anything that could potentially affect how people view your business.

In other words, a WordPress development company knows how to attract customers from every part of the internet. They know what adds value for your brand as well as keeping customers up to date with everything happening in real-time. In fact, that’s one of the most important aspects of running a successful business no matter what line of work you’re in: staying on top of things.

Dedicated WordPress Development Company Atlanta



How to win over the Internet with the most professional WordPress Development Company in Atlanta?

Being successful in digital marketing means making your company stand out from the crowd. It means impressing potential customers so much they keep coming back for more. 

With so many people jumping on the chance to get on social media at every turn, how are you supposed to stay afloat in a sea of noise? 

Hiring “My Web Programmer” could be the answer.

What do the dedicated WordPress Development Companies do for their customers?

The best WordPress development companies in Atlanta can add interactive features to your site such as:

  • Add forms for people to request more information or contact you directly.
  • Create blog posts so customers stay informed about what’s going on in your business.
  • Build a forum where people can talk about issues related to topics relevant to your business.
  • Build Facebook and Twitter integrations so you can put out posts at the same time across multiple platforms.

That’s the reason we recommend My Web Programmer for the best quality WordPress Development in Atlanta

My Web Programmer is one of the first companies to make WordPress development a big part of what they do. Hire WordPress Developers that have been around long enough that they have seen trends come and go, but also experienced how certain technologies evolved over time.

That’s why it’s important to hire a WordPress development company like “My Web Programmer” for your next digital marketing project. They know how to utilize the power of the internet and make sure you get results out of it in turn. It might sound overwhelming, but this is one area where knowing what you don’t know is just as important as anything else.

For instance, My Web Programmer has experience using HTML5 vs using Flash for their WordPress development projects. Using HTML5 is usually more secure for browsers as well as search engine friendly. It’s also easier to upload to mobile devices now. 

Top rated WordPress development companies in Atlanta

Search engines are starting to use Facebook data more than Google data which means social media marketing skills are becoming even more important for SEO optimization efforts. All things considered, it pays to know your stuff when it comes to digital marketing especially in Atlanta where there are so many choices for digital advertising and marketing companies.

My Web Programmer was one of the earliest WordPress development companies in Atlanta and has continued to grow with the times. They were also one of the first companies to use responsive design for mobile devices as well as provide ongoing support services. With the great customer service that they have become known for, it is easy to see why many people choose them.

Their expertise over everything makes them more than just a company offering simple web hosting plans too.

In today’s world, you can’t ignore digital marketing no matter what kind of business you run. My Web Programmer has shown time and again that they are a leader when it comes to website development, social media, and digital marketing in Atlanta.

Bringing it Together

If you’re looking for an Atlanta web design company, digital marketing firm, or WordPress development company, keep “My Web Programmer” in mind when searching for someone who can handle your every need online. From the ground up, they’ll help build a website that helps draw more visitors in while keeping.

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