Time is of the essence and with the competitiveness present in the market regarding any niche, you must be using the latest tech and know how to use them to stay ahead of the competition.

Custom web applications can help you integrate your existing workflows to enable automation as well as streamlining the process of information handling between your team.

So many off-the-shelf software applications have been developed and made readily available. However, these are generic software and while they might facilitate some part of your daily workflow routine, they might not always fulfill your custom unique requirements to run your business. This is where custom web application development comes to your rescue.

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What Do You Need?

A custom web app created with the help of a web application development company will be tailored specifically for your business workflow. This custom web application will exclusively be yours as well and no other business will be able to use it. Hence, letting you get the edge on the competition.

Benefits Of Using A Custom Web App

Integration With Your Business Workflows

Commercial software is designed to be an all in one solution. If you use it for your business, you might end up with features that you have no use for. So, you’re paying for software that has features that you do not need.

While a custom web application handles this situation as it will be built to make your workflow a smoother process and every feature of the custom app will be revolving around making that possible.

Your requirements and existing technologies will be taken into consideration at the time of development and even include cross-platform capabilities to save your time of switching around multiple platforms while searching for data. An experienced software development company can help you achieve your business goals.

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Cost Savings In The Long Run

While commercial software may cost less initially, but in the long run you might end up purchasing more software to cater specific needs of your workflow system. You might end up with multiple software where one software has a specific feature that caters to your problem while another has a feature that caters to another problem.

This will only result in you switching between software, resulting in a workflow that is not smooth or time-saving. After all, software should save your time and not the other way around.

Meanwhile, acquiring web application development services to create a custom web application will be an all in one package where the software development team will charge a fixed amount for the final product, so the cost will reduce when comparing both situations over a prolonged time.

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Dedicated Support And Maintenance

Unlike commercial software, the software development company that built your custom web application knows the ins and outs of your business workflow. They will support your software, and make changes on-demand. They will provide you support in case of any bugs.

Mostly these teams provide you 24/7 service and they can even fix your system remotely in case of malfunctions.

Commercial software needs to be updated over time and they even stop rolling out updates leaving you in a situation where you have to buy new alternate software, resulting in incurring additional cost on software.

Meanwhile, the software development company that developed your custom web app will be there to maintain your software and make the necessary upgrades when needed.


It totally depends on your situation whether you need an off-the-shelf software or custom software development for your business. If an off-the-shelf software fulfills your requirements, you can go for it. But if you have unique business flows and requirements, it would be better to get a custom web application developed for your business.

If you need a custom web application or software developed for your business,  you can always contact team at My Web Programmer and we will surely help you in building an app that fits your business needs. Feel free to contact us and we can surely give an all-around package that gives you the edge over the competition.

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