Almost a decade ago AI (Artificial Intelligence) was considered as a threat and perceived as cyborgs taking over, as the dominant species on the planet. Now, AI has become a necessity and we interact with it for a task as mundane as searching the internet for something.

AI software development cost

AI has become part of mainstream things, such as Google, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, etc. All these were ideas that were realized as custom software and required custom software development services, and now their revenue stream amounts in billions.

If you’re a technology consumer/entrepreneur and looking to market an idea to your target audience, then custom software is the way to go when it comes to getting ahead of your competition.

How Much Does Custom Software Actually Cost?

software development services cost
There is no set cost for building a custom software. There are numerous factors that affect the cost of the final product. Although if a rough estimate is to be made, then custom software can cost between the range of $25,000 to as much as $150,000.

Here are some factors that have the most impact when calculating costs for building an innovative product that will let you get the edge you need:

  • Software Size
  • Level of Complexity
  • Creative Design
  • Integration With Other Systems
  • Migration of Data
  • Budgeting

Software Size

System Integration Software CostThe software size depends on the number of screens your app contains. The more the screens, usually the bigger the size and vice versa.

A screen is a unique page, filled with relevant information, that the user sees when they are navigating through your custom software application, including button clicks, calculations, form submissions, menu clicks, and link clicks.

Small custom software applications usually contain 10-25 screen pages, medium ones contain 25-40, and software applications that contain more than 40 are usually classified as large apps.

Level of Complexity

The level of complexity also plays a part in how much the custom software will cost as more complex the software, the more attention and efforts for software development it would need, which in turn will mean more coding and testing, hence more time consumed of the custom software development company.

Creative Design

The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) will be one of the deciding factors whether a potential customer stops to browse through your app/software, or whether they find your competitor’s software/website UI to be more user friendly and simple to use.

So, it will need to be simple and attractive. Sometimes, less is more. Make sure you allocate a decent budget for your custom software/app’s UI design. If there are custom fonts, animations, images, illustrations involved, then naturally the cost will go up.

Integration with Other Systems

Integration with other systems usually comes into play when payments need to be made, third-party APIs need to be integrated, or any other type of system integrations. At times, integrating your software application with other systems is easy and take only a few lines to code, while sometimes complex integrations can be challenging for the developers, thus increasing the cost.

Migration of Data

You might have data on your legacy/existing software that needs to be migrated to your new custom developed software. Developers will have to write custom scripts that will migrate this data and adjust it into the new software, which will result in increased cost of your software.


This factor depends more on the experience of the team developing your project. You can give them a budget and they can come up with an initial design and cost analysis. Additional features can be added to fit the target budget if there is a room. Make sure you have a target budget when assigning a project.

You need to write down your ideas so that they can be communicated in an effective manner with the development team.

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