An attractive website requires time and money as an investment. Start small, be flexible and grow with your success. Some businesses and entrepreneurs prefer to hire an experienced website programmer while some prefer to build their website themselves. But not all the websites created are successful.

Here are some essential things to be considered which are essential for any website to be successful.

1.    Stand Out with the Content

If you are creating your website by using original, easy to understand and concrete information along with good visual images and design, then the chances are greater that you get good SERP spots, quality links and social media exposure.

Internet is all about getting the relevant, useful and to the point information. If you are competent enough, convey it in a way that can reflect and shine among others. It will make you stand out from the competition.

You might have heard of ‘Content is King’, But I say ‘Quality content is King’.

2.    Attractive Design

Giving some quality content is not enough. You have to include some high end and attractive graphics on your site if you want more eyeballs to stick to it and visit more often.

If you are actually concerned about your site, then do not use the free templates for its design, or paid themes that are usually available in the market. Rather hire web programmer and designer to design the whole theme from the scratch and unique. A simple, pretty and unique look would do the trick.

Get in touch with a few web programmers, brief them about your project, get a quote and initiate your website design and development project with the one you are most comfortable with.  If you don’t have a web developer on-board, read here how to hire web developer in 3 simple ways.

3.    SEO Requirements

In order to rank your site high in the Google searches, it is not necessary that you have to be a SEO expert. All you have to do is to remember a few things:

  • Meta Tags should be included
  • Use of Keywords, both Optimally and Naturally
  • Article Titles should be eye-catching
  • Site navigation should be simple
  • Proper H1, H2, and H3 heading tags should be used
  • Sitemap should be included
  • Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools in order to have an insight on the things that works and the things that don’t.
  • Use of proper Permalink structure have been carried out
  • Duplicate Content should not be used

4.    Learn From Competition

The most important thing to consider in your website is that it beats the competition. Whatever you do in your website, it has to be better than that of the competition. It should have a better design and content as compared to the competitors. Use the competition to learn the things that actually works. Learn the things that they implemented in order to at least be at the place where they currently are.

5.    Promote Your Site

Work smart to promote your website and make more people have knowledge about your online presence. But don’t go too far and avoid becoming a spammer. Here are a few tips to remember in promoting your website:

  • Make use of Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc.
  • Comment on other blogs having your niche
  • Become active on forums
  • Frequently do some guest posting on established blogs
  • If you really need the ads, then pay for them. Place ads on Google Adwords, Bing ads or Craiglist, whatever works for your industry.

The above will probably cause a noteworthy exposure of your website.

6.    Speed Does Matter

Speed matters the most. Make your website load as fast as it can. Speed is a very plus point in terms of SEO and user experience. Remember that:

  • Make use of good server
  • Optimize the images
  • Improve your code
  • Tools such as Google Speed, Web page test, YSlow, Pingdom, etc. to optimize your site speed. Don’t forget to consult with your web developer.
  • Have cacheable pages in your site for both server and browser side
  • Avoid redirectsBesides speed, you should also focus to increase your website conversions.

7.    RSS and Email List

Start capturing the email addresses and get more people to subscribe to your feed as early as you can. If you keep visitors subscribing, you might be having around 50k email lists and 50k RSS subscribers after two or three years from now. Utilize the email list to send out marketing emails in order to increase your sales and revenue.

Also read 11 things to review on your website on a regular basis.

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