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Scrum is a part of agile software development and is an incremental, iterative framework that lets the customers to alter the needs and requirements at any point within the process of development.

It is true that there are a wide range of approaches principles and methods which are involved within the agile development. Scrum is just an effective means of managing the project development process and to allow web programmers to deliver web and mobile product on time.

Scrum was initially presented in the 1980s, however it did not start to really grow in popularity till the 1990s when the development of software started to trend towards the smaller projects such as apps and mobile technology.

It is a simple and straight forward approach which makes it quite attractive in the eyes of many tech teams, website programmers, app developers and project managers. Scrum is one of the best solution in terms of flexibility specially for the mobile and web app projects that can rapidly change because of the rapid innovation. Generally, Scrum can do the following things:

  • Deliver working software at a rapid pace
  • Improve customer service
  • Measure results based on completed work
  • Foster teamwork between the developers and stakeholders
  • Audit regularly
  • Allow teams to self-organize

The projects that are capable to be separated into different sprints in terms of functionality are specially well suited for Scrum. It is significant that these sprints should be able to be completed and delivered within a definite timeframe of one or two weeks by web and software developers.

Scrum does not need the web and mobile development team to craft detailed needs and requirements before starting the work as it is quite flexible to shorten up the time of preparation. And if the team gets new feedback or changes, the it can be done with an ease.


Why Choose Scrum?

– Scrum is great for the teams since it lets them to estimate the work load in a project, in a better way.
– It can adapt to the changes of clients with ease and speed.
– It also delivers the required flexibility for the new and modern market places.
– Scrum can upsurge the transparency as well over the daily standups and constant communication.
– Generally, scrum is known for making such an environment which values teamwork and skill development.
– It can also expose the difficulties such as slacking and insufficient resources as everybody is presumed to pull their own weight.
– Scrum focuses mainly on transparency, flexibility, sustainability, reflection and the aptitude to perfectly calculate the resources matched to the anticipation that product companies in the web and mobile market can go long term if they are agile.

How to Implement Scrum?

The process which is involved in Scrum are modernized, the shifting from waterfall to agile methods can be difficult. It needs the buy-in from the stakeholders along with the proactive and training. Following steps are recommended when starting your own team process:

  • Identify the roles of the team
  • Produce the backlog of product
  • Plan sprints
  • Apply the first sprint
  • Review the sprint outcomes
  • Release the product
  • Have an Audit of the process and recognize areas for development

For more information on the successful implementation of the methodology of the Scrum, and other Scrum best practices, contact My Web Programmer.

If you have a mobile or web app development project, you should hire programmers that follow SCRUM / Agile methodology for product / project development. This would give you power to hire the development team and be a reason for the success of your project.

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