web design and development process explained

The process of web design and development is quite different as compared to other communication related processes. There are multiple steps involved in the website design, web development and custom software development process which are explained below.

Defining the Project

The first step is to identify the main reasons of the website’s existence, web application or custom software, and identifying what the client wants to achieve with their website and software.

The initial step in this process for the web development company is to interview the organizations or the stakeholders regarding the site / software goals and understanding the needs of the target audience and analyzing major competitors.

The Goal of this definition process is to identify the measurable outcomes which are related directly to the organization’s strategic goals.

The Project Scope

The next and a very critical step for the web programmers is to identify the scope of the project. The development company must create a well-defined project scope plan that defines the specific activities, deliverables as well as specific timelines and milestones for the custom web design, web development or custom software development project.

This will help in setting clear expectations for the clients. One of the most common methods of tracking the web design and development projects is by using project management software such as Basecamp and Trello, this helps the client keep in loop of the project’s progress.

web design process

Site Architecture / Draft Wireframes

The next step is to create a sitemap or site architecture for the website and custom software development. This could be draft wireframes of how the web pages will look like.

By creating a sitemap, you ensure that you have kept all the key pages of the site in consideration. This shows the relationship of these pages with one another and defines the way the overall navigation of the site should be created.

Creating a wireframe gives you a view of how the web pages will appear. Despite actual design elements are not shown, the wireframe can still provide you with a guide for defining the hierarchy of content on the website.

Visual Design

After completing the wireframe of the site, the next step is to give a visual design to your website. The overall look and feel of the website will be based on the visual representation of the brand or organization. The brand of the organization plays a key role in the visual designing process as the web designers and website programmers need to convey the major perceptual ideas of the brand in the website design.

The custom web design and development company that you hire will first usually provide you a design mockup for homepage and an inner / content page of your website. Once you approve the design, they will then proceed with further design and development.

Website Development

When your design is approved, the next step to look forward is to flesh out the pages design, refining the old content, creating new content and creating media such as graphics, slideshows, etc. that will appear on the website.

Web development company will now convert the design into HTML / CSS and provide you a non-functional prototype of the website.

After you’ve reviewed and approved the non-functional prototype of the website, the website programmers will make the website functional.

A key step in the website design and development process is finalizing with client regarding which CMS (content management system) they would like to use for their website. Some popular choices among clients are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

Testing the Site

Before launching the website, it is placed on the production server through which the internal audience and selected number of people can view it. The quality assurance team tests if the website is mobile responsive and if the website is working as mentioned in the project scope.

The site testing is very critical as there are many issues that are needed to be addressed prior to launching the website. If your site does not properly after launching, it will give a very negative impact of the entire organization brand. Therefore, this step is quite essential and critical as it identifies the design elements to be fixed.

The Launch

After all the test steps are completed, it is time for the big day. You have reviewed and approved the project with the organization stakeholders and you are good to go. But the process does not end here.

Even after the launch, you should be prepared for addressing the user feedback. You can expect to make quick possible changes to the website and making quick adjustments to it.

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