Website Like Building HomeThere are many clients and customers who seek help for the development of business website for their online identity and presence. Most of these clients don’t know much about the proper process of web development services. Actually, they don’t really understand what it is like to develop a website.

May be it’s because those clients haven’t done enough projects to understand the true meaning of web development. ‘Web Development and Programming is Like Building a House’. So to build a house, the first thing to do is to gather all the valuable people involved in setting up a website just like it happens in building a new home.


The first person involved is the General Contractor. For building a house, he is the most important contact for you and the customer, as he is the one responsible for the whole project of building a house. This person ensures that everyone is having what they need and is working together.

Project manager communicates with client before starting the project (in order to have a business analysis of client’s company / website concept), during actual development to keep client updated with the progress and communicate after development (in case client may have any questions or may need any assistance). Project manager also collaborates with the web programmers working on your project in order to get the website developed according to agreed plans as well as get the website up and running in a timely manner.


To build a great house, it is essential that you have an architect with you. His job is to understand your needs and requirements and create the plans accordingly. Architect requires a lot of information from your side so make sure that you don’t leave things that you might later think you should have had in your house.

Can you imagine getting towards the end of building your house and then remembering that you wanted a media room in the house? This is what mostly happens in the web world. And therefore it takes a lot of effort for the information architect to work with you on your plans so you have a successful website.

One of the duty of the Information Architect is to decide on the technology to use to build your website, whether to engage PHP Developers, WordPress Developers, iPhone Developers or custom web programmers for your project.


The next person you need in building a house is the actual builders. Builders are responsible for laying the foundation of your house, raising the walls and completing the plumbing and wiring. This takes around 40% of your budget to get the foundation laid and walls framed.

This is very comparable to web development. My web programmer hires talented website programmers who can build professional websites at an affordable price as well as provide reliable services. In web development world, the content types are like the rooms and the modules set up are like plumbing and wiring.


Once the building process of the house is complete, the decorators comes in charge. A decorator will select the colors, fittings, bricks and does all the finishing touches to the house. In case of website, this person is the Web Designer. This decoration or designing process is much dependent on the preferences of home or website owner and needs much artistic capabilities to complete. Hiring expert graphic or website designer who will make outstanding designs for your website is quite essential if you want an impressive website.


At this point the website is mostly done, but one thing is missing, the occupants. Occupants are the people living in the house and those who come and go. In case of websites, they are the content writers. Every great website updates its content on a regular basis which is like breathing fresh year every time in your home.

So you will need some great residents or content writers for you website who live and enjoy their stay at the new home. And if you are having trouble in finding great writers, My Web Programmer is here for and can provide you professional content / web copy writing services for your website.

After reading this, if you plan to build a website in the future, make sure that you don’t just look for some good looking web designs, but find a website development team having the necessary skills required to take your project through the complete process and bring success in it. If you are facing trouble in finding the right team for you, My Web Programmer can help you in doing so as we have the expert website programmers who can work on your project.

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