A Rockville, Maryland based nutrition consulting company, EB Nutrition, approached us to re-design and develop their website. Head dietitian and founder has been in practice for about 18 years, and the company was founded in 2003.

The winning factor for EB Nutrition is to focus on natural cures, alternative medicine and holistic approaches, and the company specializes in identifying the root cause of illness and treatment through true healing of the body.

EB Nutrition provides services to individuals, professional athletes, and corporations, so they required a website that would help them stand out, improve the overall functionality and garner the interest of potential clients.


My Web Programmer revamped EB Nutrition’s website using WordPress. A new website design with a fresh and modern look has led to improve in the user experience.

Our client’s goal to improve the overall look, design, and functionality of their website has been accomplished, and the new website would garner the interest of potential clients.

The website is integrated with a content management system (CMS), allowing our client to update/manage website content, including but not limited to photos, videos, web copy, and more.

E-commerce feature allows users to browse, search and purchase the nutrition supplements and products on the website. Payment gateway is integrated enabling users to make online payment for their purchase.

Website is also integrated with a user management system enabling users to create an account on the website and login. Some of the products on the website require users to be logged in before they can add specific products in their shopping cart.


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