A US based automotive startup company, FliWheel, approached us to design and develop their car export marketplace website.

The purpose of the website was to serve as a matching platform to connect car dealers and car buyers. Website would enable the buyers to access US car inventory and be able to purchase, inspect, transport, ship and pay for it online. And for car dealers to list their vehicles on the website.

My Web Programmer delivers web design and development plus strategic consulting for the startup in its early stages of growth.

The website will have three main sections: A section to list my inventory, a section to access and bid on other dealer and auction inventory in the United States and an account management section


My Web Programmer provided strategic consulting plus designed and developed the car export marketplace website. The startup website has features for the users to browse, search and bid on the vehicles listed on the website.

Car dealers can sign up and list their vehicles. Dealers can review the bids received on their listed vehicles and have the option to accept, reject or place a counter-offer.

We also developed a custom web crawler for the website using Python, that auto scrapes car listings from on a frequent basis, and auto populates in our client’s marketplace website.

We followed a very streamlined process to make this project a success. We first created draft wireframes, and moved on to creating nonfunctional demos after client approved wireframes. We then started working on design and development phase in parallel.


The car export marketplace website received traction and a lot of web traffic. Users signed up on the website in large numbers, and actual sales took place on the website.

The website has improved the overall cumbersome process of importing cars, and as a result made it easy for the buyers to purchase US vehicles. One the other hand, the sellers have now the option to sell their cars more conveniently to a larger audience available.


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