A startup company, Clevvermail, wanted to have their mobile app developed.

They provide digital postboxes, worldwide addresses, online mail management, scanning and forwarding, and package delivery services to their customers allowing them to have a central place to manage their international activities.

Clevvermail wanted iOS App developed so the users could manage their postboxes and mail on the go, with the mobile app.

The main goal of the app was to allow customers to have real street addresses and mailboxes at central locations in the top cities of the world, check their mail from anywhere globally, without being physically present at the mailbox location.


My Web Programmer provided iOS app development services to Clevvermail. The app we developed allowed users to create account, sign in, choose available locations and mailboxes from app database, enter their forwarding address, and we also integrated PAYONE payment gateway for online payments.

Customers can manage their payment methods, add balance/top-up their account by making debit / credit card transaction.

Users can have multiple postboxes, and they get notifications when they receive new mails. Users then have the option to select any action they would like to take with a specific mail, for example, if they would like to get it scanned, get it forwarded to their physical address, send it to attorneys, accountants, or to colleagues. Users can also decide to shred the document and/or send it to trash.

A streamlined process was followed to make this project a success. We first created a non-functional prototype based on the UI design, provided ongoing demos to client, and developed the app based on client’s requirements.


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