Our client, a US based tax preparation company, contacted us to develop a custom software as a service (SaaS) product for the tax software market space.

Client had their idea written out for their software product. The purpose of the software is to allow other tax preparation companies to replace the typical paper sign-in sheets in tax preparation offices with an online format that displays client data, provides a call number for clients, and instructs on where to enter the information on a tax return to the tax professional.


My Web Programmer developed a custom software that functions as an online check-in system designed to replace sign-in sheets for tax offices.

Each tax preparation office is assigned a specific link/URL. End-user interface allows online check-in and collection of information from clients. There is also a lobby screen, tax preparer interface, and manager interface. Managers are able to manage client information and track tax preparers’ work.

Software also has an e-signature feature allowing users to sign documents through a touch screen or the dragging of a mouse. Admin functionality allows the super admin (software administrator) to manage all the tax preparers, managers and customers whenever required.

The software application was developed using Laravel, a very powerful rapid development framework. Laravel was chosen for client’s project because of it being highly scalable, secure and optimized for large applications.


Software has had a tremendous positive impact for the tax preparation offices using the system. The users have given great reviews, and have enjoyed interacting with it on a regular basis. Our attention to detail, and technical expertise coupled with domain knowledge resulted in a successful functioning product.


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