Our Client, Game Time Communications, wanted to develop a Software as a Service (Saas) web application and software for their startup.

They wanted to create a web based platform where users would sign up and create marketing campaigns to promote and grow their business. Marketing campaigns involved games to be played by users, and the people were given prizes who did best on the game.

The goal of the web based marketing service software was to increase customer engagement, retention and communication instances through gamification marketing campaigns.


My Web Programmer developed web based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for Game Time Connections.

Customers could choose the game they would like to use for their marketing campaign, very easily customize the game, and send it the participants using their email address. The software would automatically send emails to the users, invite them to play the game, and the winners were given out prizes.

We also integrated Facebook with the marketing software, so the marketing campaigns could also be played by Facebook users, which made the software a lot more appealing to Game Time Communications customers, and the marketing campaigns got more successful as the client’s could gather likes and follows on social media.


As far as the website being effective, we had customers that were excited and happy with the product. The users enjoyed interacting and using the software on a regular basis to create powerful and effective marketing campaigns that helped their business with the marketing goals.

The new website platform has helped customers achieve great success.

Our client worked with us on a regular basis to make feature updates and enhancements to make the product stand out from the crowd. Game Time Connections has been satisfied with the quality, responsiveness and professionalism of our web and software development services,  and have worked on multiple projects over the years.


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