Our client, inquireaboutme inc., approached us to develop a new and innovative social media network website.

The main goal of the website was to allow Employee Prospects, Student Prospects, Employers, Organizations, Universities, and Sport athletes to better their chances of achieving their goals by using video references.


My Web Programmer provided consulting, web design and application development services to inquireaboutme (

Users can create this personalized profile page, and also create an ‘About Me’ video using their webcam.

Some of the features of the website include Newsfeed, Messaging feature, Inbox, My Connections, Media, Card, Search, etc.

Users can also invite personal or professional colleagues to write an attribute about them on their page. This is the perfect and ideal method to assist potential employers, organizations, and universities with gaining a better understanding of your skill set, past achievements, and credentials.

One of the unique features of the website is for users to grow their network and send their Card to anyone via email, with all 3 request options: Connect Request, Video Reference Request or a Blog Request.


The new and innovative social media networking website has helped inquireaboutme ( achieve great user reviews, enhanced user engagement, and users love the online platform.

inquireaboutme inc. has been very satisfied with the quality of our web development services and as a result, have continuously worked with us on multiple phases of the project to improve and enhance the website.

Our trust and relationship with the client is getting better and better during each development phase.

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