Our Client, Red Comet, wanted to develop a Learning Management System (LMS) for their Online School.

Red Comet is fully accredited online school providing NCAA-approved Courses. Over 400 high schools use Red Comet and provides over 175 courses to choose from.

Red Comet approached us to develop their LMS that allowed the students to access all courses on a single user-friendly platform through one single login.


My Web Programmer developed Red Coment’s Learning Management System (LMS) using Moodle LMS.

LMS had five different login types, i.e. for students, teachers, parents, school administrator and website / LMS administrators.

The student can browse the list of courses they would like to take, make online payment for the course or use a school provided voucher, and get enrolled in the course. Students can take the course at their own pace and complete the course within 4 months (120 days) from the date of registering.

After completing the course, the LMS unlocks the final test and prompts the student to take the test. After the final test has been taken, the student gets their grade report and transcript.

School administrator acts as a point of contact for school. They are sent updates on the student’s progress and school report summary.

Parents can log into the Red Comet LMS and check their student’s progress in each enrolled course. Parents can contact teachers if they have questions and concerns.

LMS / Website administrator can manage all courses, students, parents, school contacts, and teachers. They get to view all the reports, including but not limited to payments, enrollments, progress, transcripts, grade report, etc.

We developed a unique Randomization feature that auto assigns the essays and final test to students, allowing to control plagiarism to a significant extent.


The new Learning Management System has helped Red Comet achieve great success. Red Comet got the necessary accreditation and credibility through a robust, secure and well functionality LMS.

Students love the online platform, parents like being involved in their student’s learning, school administrators and teachers can review and supervise the student’s progress. Overall it has been a win win situation for everyone, and helped Red Comet to grow as a business.

Our client, Red Comet, has been satisfied with the quality of our web development services and have worked on multiple projects over the years.

In their own words: “We have been working with this provider for many years now and our relationship is getting better and better each time.”


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