Century Aluminum Railings is an industry recognized aluminum manufacturer providing top quality railing systems for customers in both the United States and Canada.

Our client required a web based estimating software that could estimate price, specifications, and all other necessary components required, based on the user’s input.


My Web Programmer developed a custom web application that allows users to register, and create online estimates for their specific construction projects. The projects involve multiple components like glass, pickets, screws, brackets, etc. And the custom estimating software delivers perimeter designs of the railing project along with estimated price and parts/components that will be required.

The web application can be accessed on web browsers and mobile devices.


The custom web application is being successfully used by the client’s customers and has  between 1,000 and 2,000 daily users within the construction industry. Numerous users sign up every day for the estimating web application, and has helped Century Aluminum Railings to increase sales significantly as the app has become an excellent sales tool for them.

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