Our client required a custom web based farm accounting program that would help farmers and farming companies do better financial planning. The agriculture company had an Excel farm accounting program that they needed to convert into a web application.

The purpose of the web app is to allow farming companies to maintain year-to-year financial information, and perform farm specific things as well like crop accounting, field-level analysis, grain harvesting, field level cash flow, and other farm related features.


My Web Programmer developed client’s specialized and complex farm accounting web application using Laravel PHP framework.

The custom farm accounting software allows farming companies to login, set up their own customized accounting records, customize their chart of accounts, and maintain year to year farm accounting, project future cash flows, perform financial analytics, review income statement, balance sheet, crop year financial statement and much more.

We also developed a field-level analysis feature that allows farming companies to determine which crop performed the best from a financial perspective and yielded the best.


The custom farm accounting software is being used in client’s farm operations. They are  overall very satisfied with our web application development services, as it will impact in a positive way to improve our client’s farm business operations. Our client also plans to make this farm accounting web app into a software as a product (SaaS) and sell it as a service to other farm and agriculture companies.


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