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7 Simple Tips To Increase Your Website Conversions

Increasing website conversion rates is essential for every business, as more conversions mean higher sales volume and business growth.


Let’s assume you’re looking to increase sales by 60%. You could do this by advertising more, spending 60% more effort and time in marketing, or producing 60% more content. All of this might work for you.

But a cheaper and faster way to do it would be to increase your conversion rates. So, for example, if you currently have a 2% conversion, then going to 3.2% would give a 60% increase in results.

Increasing the conversion rate is not brain surgery – sometimes, minor tweaks can significantly uplift the conversion rate.

Here are seven great tips to help boost your conversion rates:

1) Improve Your Website Copy

It people who visit and read your website, giving them a better understanding of your business and products will make them more comfortable making a purchase. Scaring visitors with complicated, fancy business language doesn’t work. It isn’t easy to read long paragraphs, so make sure the text on your website is relevant and well-crafted.

2) Clear Calls to Action

Clear calls to action (CTA) is the heart of the conversion process. It enables the visitors to take action you intend them to and converts them into leads. Enlarging call-to-action buttons and using appropriate wordings like ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Join Now’ usually helps.

3) Increase Trust

Building trust is an essential reason people would buy from you. You can see your website conversion rate increase by adding trust elements. So what are these trust elements? Some of them are to list your phone number, physical address, and email address on your website. Posting employee photos, your office photos, membership certificates, awards, and social media links are also some of the trust elements you can ask one of your web developers to add to your website.

4) Make it Easy to Buy From You

The visitor should not have to figure out how to buy; rather, the buying process should be very simple and self-evident. The users should be asked to fill in as few fields as possible and not be forced to sign up to make a purchase. Add the option to sign up through their Google or Facebook account if possible.

5) Speed

Would you purchase from a website that takes ages to load? Today’s internet users have less patience for slow-loading websites, so make sure you are optimized to load fast.

6) Mobile Optimized

Mobile or smartphones cannot simply be ignored. Instead, make your website look great on mobile devices. Mobile browsing is on the rise globally, and optimizing your website for mobile devices can help generate more traffic and increase sales.

7) Do A/B Testing

A/B testing is a simple way to compare two versions of a web page to check which one gives a better conversion rate and performs better. A/B testing helps you make the most of your existing traffic to test what sort of copy increases site conversion. Almost anything can be A/B tested, like changing headlines, adding calls to action, customer testimonials, images, social proof, etc.

Suppose you want to increase your website conversion rates. In that case, you should get in touch with a professional web development company that can suggest and implement techniques to uplift your conversion rates positively.

Final Thoughts

Increasing website conversion rates is crucial for business growth. To achieve this, focus on improving website copy, implementing clear calls to action, building trust with elements like contact information and social proof, simplifying the buying process, optimizing page loading speed, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. A/B testing can also provide valuable insights for optimizing conversion rates. By strategically addressing these areas, businesses can enhance their chances of turning website visitors into valuable customers, driving sales and revenue.

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