Managing a virtual team is by far one of the most important ingredients in a virtual business. It can be easy to work in a remote environment and efficiently handle a remote team if managed effectively.

Therefore it is quite significant to assemble a team that is competent enough to execute and handle in a remote environment. However, managing virtual teams can be a difficult task unless you know how to properly do it. Following are top 5 strategies for managing virtual teams of web programmers for hire.

1) Choose the Proper Communication Style

Choosing the proper type of communication is necessary for managing your virtual team, as your entire communication will be depending on it.

Email: Used for quick interactions. Emails can be replaced with a quick communication and collaboration system.

Chat Programs: Google or Skype chat are great applications used for quick and instant messaging in order to create a team chat environment.

Video Chat/Phone Calls: Some kinds of communications can only be done and handled over the phone. These could include emotional issues and etc. Video chat can further provide you a visual cues to get a better idea of the other person.

You can have a mixture of different communication style, for example, you would probably be emailing your remote web programmer on a daily basis, but when required, you can have a Skype call to explain the task in more detail.

2) Setup a Continuous Chat Room

Chat rooms can help a lot in managing a virtual team. With the help of chat rooms, team members can communicate to one another and leave messages for the team of which they are a part of. If is vital to keep these chats alive however, not distracting.

The conversation should be meant to discuss important issues and to make the members feel like they are connected as a team, but it should not be so much that they feel distracted by it.

3) Use of Screen Sharing Tools

Screen Sharing tools are great applications which are used to share your computer screen to show the other person exactly what you are doing. Some of the apps further allow people to remotely control the computer.

Some of these tools are free of cost and can be easily downloaded and used by remote teams. These applications include Team viewer and Skype. An example for screen sharing would be your remote website programmer showing you a demo of work assigned to him.

4) Use a Project Management System

As for small virtual teams, you must be willing to handle everything though email, which is dangerous. Using a project management system can help you assign tasks on the fly, organize documents, share files, track progress and collaborate on projects assigned to your remote team of web developers and programmers. This makes life a lot easier to find things, messages and files afterwards when required.

If you solely use emails to run your business, it will soon turn out to be an unimaginable and disorganized mess. Therefore project management systems help you to organize your work properly. Examples of such tools are Timely Projects, Basecamp and Trello.

5) Allow Flexible Work Hours

People who are working from their home will rightly need the flexibility in terms of their work hours. And it is significant that you let them have some degree of flexibility. This will help you gain a positive response from your team members.

On the other side, if things are unpredictable then it may be quiet a difficult task to get a mutual collaboration window when all of your virtual team members are online all at once and all of them are available to chat.

One of the best solutions to this problem would be to hire a remote team from a web development company. You can hire the number of remote web developers you want, and the good part is, they all will be in the same time-zone, usually the same office, so it won’t be a disrupted team, rather a much knitted together team.

You can scale up or scale down depending on your needs. Some of the offshore remote development teams do not have long terms contracts, so usually you can have one or two months notice. My Web Programmer is one of the web development companies that let you hire website programmers on demand (on hourly or monthly basis).

Added advantage of engaging My Web Programmer as your web or mobile app development partner would be their value added services that you get free of cost. To be more specific, if you hire one or multiple web developers from them, you get Software Quality Assurance Engineer and Project Manager to work on your tasks / projects without any additional charges.

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