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Tips To Hire Web Developers

There comes a time when you need web programmers to build and maintain your online web presence. A web programmer can be one of the most critical hires in your business as he/she is a person who will create your online face that will allow you to communicate with your clients and customers virtually.

Therefore, it is very significant that you hire a great web programmer or else, you will be risking your business and will be wasting time as well as money in searching for a replacement.

Following  are five important tips that will help you in hiring the perfect web programmer for your business:

1. Know Your Budget

The first thing to consider in hiring a website programmer is your budget. You need to understand how much you can spend and are willing to pay to the web developer. This should be a part of your business plan and business mode.

Knowing your budget will create price line which can help you in ruling out the web programmers who are too cheap and those who are too expensive. Furthermore, every web developer likes to deal with a company that clearly knows its expenses and budget.

Furthermore, considering to hire web programmer on-site is usually three to four times more costly than hiring an experienced remote web programmer. Many US companies outsource their web and app development work / projects to web development companies in Asia (Pakistan and India to be more specific). This model works great as it helps the US companies cut significant costs and increase their profit margins.

2. Clearly Know Your Objectives

Focus on your objectives rather than worrying about the look and feel of your website. Let the developer know about what you want to achieve with your web presence and what could be a worthwhile aspect of the website for which you can double your investment in it.

Making the developer understand about your goals is much more worthy as compared to letting him just know if your homepage should have a slider or not.

Also, you should know if you want to hire PHP developer, WordPress developer or  website programmer having skill-set in various technologies.

3. First Try the Developer with a Small Project

If you think that you have found the best or the ideal web developer for your business, then start him off with some small and non-critical projects. Test him out on some small projects so that you can have a better understanding of the skills of that web developer in terms of his capabilities, information handling skills, dealing with different situations etc.

This will help you in observing him or her in action and will provide you additional information outside the job interview.

4. Choose the One with Aptitude Rather Than Specific Skill Set

In today’s technological world, skills and work environment keep on becoming obsolete on approximately every two years due to the invention of new technologies. Therefore it is better to select someone who is capable of learning new technologies and who can blend in any kind of technological space related to web development, rather than a person who only knows a particular skill set and cannot work outside that circle.

The easiest way to recognizing this is to ask the developer some questions that reveal his or her love for learning. Another important factor to consider is whether you would like to hire dedicated developer or hire a web development company that provides full development services.

You should also consider if you just need to hire website programmer or developer that knows mobile app development as well. In this case, you can hire iPhone developer, Android developer or developer that can take care of all mobile platforms.

5. Checking References

Reference checking is an absolutely essential part of hiring however, and sometimes it is overlooked. Check for the previous records and work experiences of the web developer, and if possible, have a phone conversation with the references.

Also, when talking, focus on the tone of a reference’s recommendation about the developer and not just its content. This will give you a good idea about the person’s working expertise and behavior in a workplace.

Hope you found these five tips useful for hiring great web programmers for your business. If you’re looking to hire web developer or website programmers, please feel free to get in touch with My Web Programmer and you would be glad to work with them as they provide reliable, affordable and world-class web development services.

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