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When getting a customized software, website, or app developed, a business should not only have well-defined requirements and expectations, but cost involved in custom software development should also be clear. A business can only decide if the app and software is affordable or if it will bring value to the business, once there’s no uncertainty regarding the costs involved.

Check out the Website, App, and Software Cost Estimating Tool here.

To make it easy for both the customer to get a clear estimate of costs and for the app development company to come up with a quote, we’ve developed an app and software cost estimator tool; Estimate My App. Estimate My App is a checklist type tool which informs the software development company of how you’ve envisioned the app to look and function like. Let’s have a look at how to use website and software cost estimator tool to instantly calculate software development costs in less than 5 minutes.

Nature, Size & UI

The first step when developing an app is to decide whether you require a web app, website, an iOS app or one that functions with Google’s operating system, Android. Moving on, you’d need to specify the number of key feature pages in your app which would help determine the size of the app.

Once decided, the next step is to choose the level of UI. From MVP, the rawest form of UI, to Polished, a bespoke UI design, you can choose a user interface that you think suits and works best for your audience.

User & Accounts

After finalizing the basics of your app, you will then be specifying how you’d like the users to create accounts on the app. The options available range from a classic sign up via an email to logging in using social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or inviting new users via an email. You can also opt for multi-tenant accounts, subdomains or custom domains allowing account based sign-ups and enabling customers to access the app with a subdomain or a domain of their own.

User-Generated Content & Engagement

How would you want your users to interact with the app? Most apps do have a dashboard to summarize data or show important notices. According to nature of your business and app, you can choose to add an activity feed, an option to let users upload content, create customized user profiles, store audio or video files and add search fields among other options.

If the app you want to be designed is an e-commerce app you may want an option for users to rate products or perhaps add a calendar or maps to use for scheduling and dropping pins. You can also add features which would enable users to send messages, comment on stuff or share pieces of content on social media.


For an e-commerce business, Estimate My App lets you add features such as subscriptions plans, payment processing, and a shopping cart. Alternatively, you can also specify if you’d want your app to support a consumer to consumer e-commerce business where users can add and sell their products.

Admin, Feedback & Analytics

Options such as CMS integration allow information to be edited without developer intervention. Moreover, adding user admin pages will enable adding or removing users and overseeing of work by approving or disapproving content and submissions. A usage analytics can come in handy if you’d want to regularly check the reaction of your consumers on products on your app and a performance monitoring feature helps you know how smooth the user experience is. If you’d be functioning in multiple states or countries, a multilingual support could come in handy.

External APIs, Integrations & Security

Determine if you’d want your website, software or app to work with any 3rd party services, send SMS to users or make calls through the apps using masked numbers.

Lastly, you’d obviously want your app to be secure. You can opt for the industry standard SSL certificate-based security or a DoS protection typically used by apps with a higher public profile. A two-factor authentication feature can also be added.

Make sure you’ve tick-marked all the relevant information, add your content details and click on the get estimate button; and on the next page you will get the cost estimate instantly.

Check out the Website, App, and Software Cost Estimating Tool here.

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