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We developed a custom web-based construction project management software for a luxury home construction company. The software combines features from Basecamp and Builder Trend, streamlining operations and improving workflow. It includes project management tools, financial features, subcontractor login, and a client-facing application. Accessible on web and mobile, our solution has significantly enhanced project management, streamlined operations, and increased revenue without the need for additional hires. We have maintained a successful partnership with the client for over seven years, providing ongoing development and support services.



The development approach for the custom software as a service (SaaS) product for the tax software market can be broken down into several steps:

  1. Requirement Analysis
  2. Planning and Design
  3. Development
  4. Testing and Quality Assurance
  5. Deployment and Launch
  6. Post-Launch Support

My Web Programmer ensures effective communication, regular updates, and feedback from the tax preparation company to align the software with expectations. Positive reviews and improved efficiency demonstrate their attention to detail and technical expertise in delivering a successful custom SaaS product.

Preparatory steps




An Austin-based luxurious estate and custom home construction company required a Custom Home Builder Construction Project Management Software for their business.

This award-winning, high-end home custom home builder builds prestigious custom homes for high-net-worth individuals, investors, and families in the Texas area.

Our client wanted to develop a custom web-based homebuilder construction project management software to improve business efficiency, operations, and workflow.


My Web Programmer developed a custom web-based home builder construction project management software application.

The custom home builder construction management software has project management features such as to-do’s, scheduling, messaging, calendar, Gantt charts, docs, and photos. In addition, financial features developed in the custom home builder software include budgeting tools, invoicing, managing payments, purchase orders, cost codes, lien waivers, change orders, and QuickBooks integration.

The customized home builder project management software application has a subcontractor login area allowing them to sign up, log in, bid on projects, manage projects, and other essential features.

The home builder software also has a client-facing application where clients can log in and review the progress of their project along with some other features.

The web application can be accessed on web browsers and mobile devices, a combination of Basecamp and Builder Trend (construction industry-specific project management system).

The bespoke home builder software has been developed using the latest technology and deployed on a cloud server for better performance and usability.


The New website has Gotten Excellent Client Reviews, with Easy to Navigate, Clean, Crisp, and Intuitive Interface.

The home builder construction management software we developed has significantly improved project management within our client’s construction company. Business operations and processes have been streamlined, helping our client’s business tremendously.

Customized home builder construction management software has enabled our client to eliminate the need to hire an additional $140,000 per year employees to manage the business operations, as well as helped them double the amount of revenue for the business without increasing the headcount.

In their own words: “We’ve given My Web Programmer great reviews based on the work they did, and we were never disappointed.”


“We’ve given My Web Programmer great reviews based on the work they did and we were never disappointed.”

Jonathan Ward

Jonathan Ward

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