Cancellation due to quality of service

For monthly developer booking plans, if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with our service, then you can ask for an instant replacement of the resource or you can cancel the contract within the first 15 days of the commencement of contract (payment made) and we will refund the unused amount of your fees in full for prepaid plans.

For example, if you have paid for a prepaid hourly plan of 100 hours per month, and you wish to cancel after 7 days after the start of contract where 20 hours were utilized on your project, we will refund the 80 hours that were not used.

To file a refund request, you will need to email us at:

Cancellation due to delay in commencement of work

After your initial payment has been made, we will try to allocate the selected contractor within one week. Please note that one week of lead-time is usually required to prepare properly for commencing the service, and is not included in the period charged for i.e. the fees is charged only from the actual allotment date of the contractor.

If we are not able to commence the Service within one week of you making your first payment for the Service Plan then we will notify you of that fact before the week expires. You will then have the choice of either waiting for the allotment or cancelling your order and receive a full refund.

Note: All refunds are processed within 12 business days.