Techreviewer.co Ranks My Web Programmer Among Top Web Development Companies in the United States


My Web Programmer has been named as one of the top web development company in USA by Techreviewer.co. The list of leaders was compiled based on expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies.  To make an assessment, Techreviewer collected information about our services and client’s reviews. Their research placed us in

Which Is The Best WordPress Development Company in Atlanta?

best WordPress development company in Atlanta

In the early days of Atlanta, digital marketing wasn’t a thing. Small companies ran their ads in print newspapers or magazines. Larger companies might have had a website that was just an online brochure with little to no traffic going to it. Then social media happened and changed everything.  Suddenly, it wasn’t just about big

How Can I Get An Estimate Of A Software Development Project?

A Guide to Estimate Software Developer Project

When we talk about custom software development, it is one of the most challenging and complicated tasks. But it’s fun if you do it the right way. Software development is the amalgamation of several complex tasks.   Keeping this in mind, whenever a software developer is asked, “How much will this software cost me?” It’s only


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Designrush.com, one of the best review and research firm, is dedicated to verify the best experts in the industry. Their goal is to connect buyers with the best industry experts. Designrush came up with a list of Top Software Development Companies in Atlanta, and analyzed the results to give you a hand-picked list of the

How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost In 2022?


2022 is around the corner. We can already see how intense the competition is going to get regarding technology.   Almost every day some new artificially intelligent software comes out and claims to revolutionize the monotonous tasks. Some even go to the extent of replacing the human workforce! But you should know that no robot

What Is The Cost Of Developing A Web Based Application?

find the right software development company

If you’re looking to develop a web application, the first thing you’ll need to do is determine how much it will cost. This can be difficult because there are many factors that go into determining this number. There are lots of elements that affect your estimated cost for developing a web-based application. The biggest factor

How can you find the right software development company?

find the right software development company

How do you find the software development company that is right for your needs? You might feel overwhelmed by the number of software development companies out there. If this is the case, then don’t worry! In this blog post, we will share with you some tips and tricks on how to shortlist a number of

Best Software Development Strategies For Startups


The Birth of Software   It was 1948 when the first “software” was born. Tom Kilburn was the person who wrote this very first software program. It was then stored on Manchester Baby Computer at the University of Manchester.  Google called it the “birth of software.” Since 1948, software development has come a very long

Custom Software Development: Advantages and Disadvantages


Many business owners, especially SME owners, seem to struggle deciding the right software category for their business. There are a number of reasons why this decision is difficult to make. First, let’s see the factors, based on which organizations and companies choose a software category. Critical Factors for Choosing a Software Category   Although we

8 Essential Milestones for Every Software Project

Drupal Developers Team

Software project management, like any other project management, is not everyone’s cup of tea. What it means is that not everyone likes to engage in a process where they have to constantly stay vigilant, collaborate, collect feedbacks, and keep correcting the measures. Even the people who are really good at project management, cannot do it