My Web Programmer Shines Among Top Web Development Companies at GoodFirms

Washington D.C. based GoodFirms – a prominent research and review platform recently recognized My Web Programmer as one of the leading company in web development and software development categories.

About My Web Programmer:

My Web Programmer is a leading web development company working with USA and other global clients. Apart from web development, the firm also specializes in custom mobile application development, web designing, software development, and Artificial Intelligence development services.

The agency has customized solutions for startups, mid-size businesses, and well-established enterprises. Their outstanding software and web development services cater to a large chunk of industries like – automotive, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, advertising & marketing.

The research team of GoodFirms reviewed My Web Programmer’s business performance and found that the company has achieved a remarkable rank in the GoodFirms research for two categories.

GoodFirms Research Methodology:

GoodFirms is a substantial research and review platform that has an analytical team of researchers. To list the service providers on its platforms, the researchers thoroughly analyzes and evaluates assorted companies using a significant evaluation process that includes three vital parameters –

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Ability

My Web Programmer’s Achievements in the Following Categories at GoodFirms:

  1. Web Development in Georgia:

The firm has a stronghold in the web development domain and persistently shows a high level of commitment in offering a full cycle of web application development services. The forte of the team is that they have developed and delivered 470+ projects heading from 30+ industries since its inception.

The agency promptly adopts the latest technological changes and efficiently executes advanced strategies to the clients’ complex projects.

Such an immense experience in the web development industry proves their proficiency in the arena and earns them a high-flying name on the list of top web development companies in Georgia at GoodFirms.

Impressive ScoreCard of My Web Programmer at GoodFirms:

Overwhelming Review for My Web Programmer at GoodFirms:

“I have been using this company for several years. They have been great!

–         Jonathan Ward  CEO at ICON

For executing world-class web development services, the company competently surpass in technologies like WordPress. The dynamic team of the developers at My Web Programmer uses WordPress Plugins and its extended functionalities for developing the finest eCommerce and business websites.

Such engraving experience in implementing WordPress will soon position the firm on the list of the most reliable WordPress web development companies at GoodFirms.

  1. Software Development in Georgia:

The stupendous team of My Web Programmer develops user-friendly custom software development solutions for which GoodFirms has recognized and ranked them as one of the top performers on the list of best software development companies in Georgia.

They follow unique custom software development processes and develop something that is not available in off-the-shelf software basket. Such tailor-made software helps its clients to stay ahead of the competition and automate their workflow.

Apart from developing new software, they also refurbish the existing under-performing software of the clients to enhance their efficiency. Such out performance has helped the company to grow and gain a viable position on the GoodFirms’ platform.

About GoodFirms:

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts with finding the top web development and software development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that matches their business needs.


Estimate the Cost of Your Next Website, App, and Software in Less Than 5 Minutes Using Our Software Cost Estimating Tool

When getting an app developed, a business should not only have well-defined requirements and expectations, but software development cost should also be clear. A business can only decide if the app and software is affordable or if it will bring value to the business, once there’s no uncertainty regarding the costs involved.

Check out the Website, App, and Software Cost Estimating Tool here.

To make it easy for both the customer to get a clear estimate of costs and for the app development company to come up with a quote, we’ve developed an app and software cost estimator tool; Estimate My App. Estimate My App is a checklist type tool which informs the software development company of how you’ve envisioned the app to look and function like. Let’s have a look at how to use website and software cost estimator tool to instantly calculate software development costs in less than 5 minutes.

Nature, Size & UI

The first step when developing an app is to decide whether you require a web app, website, an iOS app or one that functions with Google’s operating system, Android. Moving on, you’d need to specify the number of key feature pages in your app which would help determine the size of the app.

Once decided, the next step is to choose the level of UI. From MVP, the rawest form of UI, to Polished, a bespoke UI design, you can choose a user interface that you think suits and works best for your audience.

User & Accounts

After finalizing the basics of your app, you will then be specifying how you’d like the users to create accounts on the app. The options available range from a classic sign up via an email to logging in using social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or inviting new users via an email. You can also opt for multi-tenant accounts, subdomains or custom domains allowing account based sign-ups and enabling customers to access the app with a subdomain or a domain of their own.

User-Generated Content & Engagement

How would you want your users to interact with the app? Most apps do have a dashboard to summarize data or show important notices. According to nature of your business and app, you can choose to add an activity feed, an option to let users upload content, create customized user profiles, store audio or video files and add search fields among other options.

If the app you want to be designed is an e-commerce app you may want an option for users to rate products or perhaps add a calendar or maps to use for scheduling and dropping pins. You can also add features which would enable users to send messages, comment on stuff or share pieces of content on social media.


For an e-commerce business, Estimate My App lets you add features such as subscriptions plans, payment processing, and a shopping cart. Alternatively, you can also specify if you’d want your app to support a consumer to consumer e-commerce business where users can add and sell their products.

Admin, Feedback & Analytics

Options such as CMS integration allow information to be edited without developer intervention. Moreover, adding user admin pages will enable adding or removing users and overseeing of work by approving or disapproving content and submissions. A usage analytics can come in handy if you’d want to regularly check the reaction of your consumers on products on your app and a performance monitoring feature helps you know how smooth the user experience is. If you’d be functioning in multiple states or countries, a multilingual support could come in handy.

External APIs, Integrations & Security

Determine if you’d want your website, software or app to work with any 3rd party services, send SMS to users or make calls through the apps using masked numbers.

Lastly, you’d obviously want your app to be secure. You can opt for the industry standard SSL certificate-based security or a DoS protection typically used by apps with a higher public profile. A two-factor authentication feature can also be added.

Make sure you’ve tick-marked all the relevant information, add your content details and click on the get estimate button; and on the next page you will get the cost estimate instantly.

Check out the Website, App, and Software Cost Estimating Tool here.

best software development company

7 Factors to Consider When Finding a Great Software Development Company

You have come to a realization that for your business to reach the next level, you need a software or mobile application. Although you know why you need a software application and the benefits it can bring to your business, you cannot possibly develop it on your own if you aren’t aware of the software and web development tools and processes.

Also, since you have never had an application developed before, you are unaware of any good companies or resources to help you. So, how do you go about choosing the best software development company for your business?

There are a gazillion software and web development companies out there and all of them promote themselves as the providers of the finest custom software solutions. While looking for a great web app development company, bear in mind that there’s a difference between just finding one and unearthing the one that fulfills your specific requirements.

In addition to this, the ideal software development agency needs to have considerable experience in the market as well, however, even this factor won’t help to narrow down your search to a single software company. Several experienced and competitive development firms are in business; choosing one out of this many can be a grueling task. Listed below are some points to consider when choosing a great software development firm.

List Requirements

The first step in choosing a software development company is to know how you expect the application to provide value to your business. Discuss with the team members and any other stakeholders to identify the issues at hand and map out a solution for your custom software development. Make a list of milestones and prepare a roadmap of how an application will help you achieve them.

Technical Proficiency & Reputation

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the issues and what you expect from your application, evaluate the software development company to assess if it possesses the necessary skills to develop the application. Check if the company has undertaken similar tasks in the past from the same industry.

Will the company be willing to remain in close communication during the project? Have they met the deadlines of all their projects in the past? Set up a meeting to talk about your project in detail and collect information regarding their skills and past experience.

After an online meeting and familiarizing yourself with their expertise and portfolio, reach to people they’ve worked with before and talk to them about their experience working together. Try connecting with previous employers from their portfolio. You would probably need to seek their permission before connecting with their past clients. Not all the feedback you get to listen to or read will be positive, however, this will definitely give you a general feel about how good or bad it is to work with them.

More importantly, check if the software development company has verified reviews on authentic review sites such as One of a reputable software development company is My Web Programmer having great client reviews on Clutch.

Project Expense

Another aspect to be taken into account when choosing a software development company is to have a clear estimate of the project’s cost. Will the amount you spend be recovered as the return on investment in the future? It is also to be kept in mind that the decrease in cost shouldn’t translate into the decrease in the quality of the product. The aim is to find an amalgam of cost-effectiveness and great quality.

Scope of Work

Before the project begins, only you can know the size of your project and the audience it would be catering to. Do you need an e-commerce website designed to be used by thousands of consumers at a time or do you need an application to smoothen workflows at your enterprise? Once you know the scope of work, the next step is to find out if the software development firm has worked on similar projects or is capable of delivering your project according to your requirements.

More Than Monetary Gains…

You will know when a software development company understands your needs. There will be an air of mutual satisfaction. Developing your solution shouldn’t just be a source of monetary gains for them, they should be passionate to provide you with an excellent solution. See if the features they are proposing you to add to your software are of use to you or is it just a means of charging more so they can squeeze some extra money out of you.

Agreement on Terms & Conditions

Some software companies follow the ill practice of holding data and code as hostage when one decides to part ways with them. Make sure you have a proper agreement on what will happen once the contract ends. In some cases, the company could ask for extra charges before providing you with the data. This is why agreeing on terms and conditions before the project commences is essential.

Technical Support

There is always a chance that things might not turn out as you would’ve wanted which is why a software development company should be willing to help you in case any of any glitches or complications. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any barriers between you and the firm’s technical team. They should be willing to provide you with upgrades and troubleshooting services in future when need be.

Trial Run

Various companies offer a free trial of their services so you can get an actual feel of how valuable their software can be for your business. Trials help you determine if the application fulfills your requirement or if it requires any custom software development to fit your needs. Picking a software development company is the first and crucial step towards the development of your application. An ideal software development company is one which is cost-effective and offers quality solutions.

Hope this article helps you find a software development company that is suitable for your business requirements.

Tips to Align Software Development With Business Goals To Help Reach It To The Next Level

IT is no longer an option; it is a necessity. From home to work, more and more operations are becoming automated or influenced by software development. The Internet of Things is set to revolutionize how we control our homes and blockchain technology is taking over workspaces. It is now imperative for a business to be IT-enabled if it wishes to survive in this modern, fast-paced world. However, introducing IT into your business just because everyone else is doing it could be more damaging than beneficial. For custom software development to help a business grow, it needs to be in accordance with the enterprise’s goals.

Applying an unclear IT solution to your business can result in wasted resources, time and money. On the other hand, if the software is in alignment with the business’s strategic goals, it can facilitate a business reach the next level. Here’s how a software solution from a custom software development company can help your business to reach new heights.

Increased Productivity, Happier Consumers

No business can cross a certain profit margin without an IT-enabled business. A business could be generating impressive revenues; however, IT is crucial if a business wants to access the global market and improve processes within the company. Newer technologies are being introduced every day, and with them, the role of IT changes. IT and a business-aligned software can take a startup and turn it into an enterprise. Instilling a great software into an already running business translates into smoother workflows, improved communication between teams, and better human resource management.

With the help of business-aligned software, businesses can make informed decisions about the innumerable processes in progress. A business can determine what needs to be prioritized or repeated and also the frequency of any such actions. With mundane tasks sorted out thanks to great software, the management and teams can focus on innovating products according to the needs of an end consumer. As a result, the productivity increases and the focus shifts from routine tasks to continuous improvement in quality.

Data-driven Decisions

A software created keeping in mind the business’s strategic goals churns out data directly relevant to the business. Such data helps identify where the problem lies. Instead of figuring out what’s wrong, enterprises start spending time fixing the hindrances identified by the system. Better processes result in enhanced products or services which helps retain existing customer and attract newer ones. Conversely, if an IT solution that is not customized according to the business needs gets implemented, it will provide key decision makers with inappropriate data. Moreover, with business-aligned software, enterprises can get real-time updates regarding the performances of several individuals and teams.

Risk Reduction

It is impossible to create a seamless software for a business without knowing what the business wants to achieve. The stakeholders’ insight into how they view their company and what their strategic goals are for the future is critical to be considered when designing a business-aligned software. If an enterprise decides to introduce a software solution because they think something is wrong within their supply chain and apply a general solution instead of a customized one, it would only result in more problems. Proper research and perspective are vital.

No one would want software that increases risks instead of decreasing them. A business-aligned software can help predict risks and provide regular updates so they can be dealt with promptly. Without knowing the goals of a company, one can’t identify the risks involved. Applying a software solution in such a condition is criminal as it could mean lost customers, unsatisfied employees, and low profits.

From Individuals to Goal-Driven Teams

How a business-aligned software can help create a dynamic, goal-driven workforce can easily be overlooked, but in fact, IT has a significant role in directing individuals towards the right direction. With concrete data as evidence, employees can better understand the steps taken by the management. It enhances collaboration amongst individuals while also providing individuals with data about how they are or can contribute towards an enterprise’s growth. It decreases barriers to communication by providing easy access to information.

A business-aligned software provides the teams with a clear picture of how an enterprise wants to achieve its goals and what needs to be done. Once the roadmap is clear, it is easy for individuals and teams to measure their performance and set milestones.

Research, Act, Grow!

Every business has set its sights on reaching a certain level, and the software is just a step of the ladder leading towards it. When companies opt for a shortcut and introduce an IT solution without proper research, they soon find themselves in a situation where they feel a need to adjust according to the software when it really should be the opposite.

Any business software can bring some positive changes, and they can blind you; not let you see the real picture. You think you’re progressing but ignore minor details which would silently hurt your business in the long-run. For instance, introducing an app for an employee to log details during fieldwork would seem like it is helping. A process has been automated, how can it not help right? What if the software you just bought was not built keeping in mind multi-platform functionality and lags on a mobile device because it was created for computers?

Low Costs, High Profits

In addition to helping businesses retain consumers and increase sales, a business-aligned software can assist in reducing costs associated with business processes. It enables a business to do more in lesser time. This improved usage of time trickles down to the consumer who finds himself at the receiving end of a superior product or service. Instead of familiarizing themselves with misaligned software, employees can focus on providing the consumers with what they desire. As a result, sales increase, profits multiply, and revenues start growing.

A great business-aligned software is not only one that helps with everything mentioned above but is also capable of being updated when required. The markets are always evolving and so is technology. Software that can’t be upgraded with ease can hamper the growth of a business.

my web programmer clutch

My Web Programmer Continues to Excel on Clutch!

my web programmer clutch

Although we have been on Clutch for a while now, achieving our first review in 2016, we have
maintained a steady flow of feedback from our clients since; culminating into a 4.9 out of 5 stars
rating from 13 in-depth and verified reviews. Through increased transparency and public
feedback from our clients on projects we’ve worked on, we hope our Clutch presence portrays an
accurate view of our company and what to expect when working with us.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC covering over 7,000
firms across 500+ industry verticals ranging from web development to answering services. Their
mission is to facilitate fruitful business relationships between the buyers and sellers on their site.

Clutch conducts client reference interviews with a company’s references, discussing the
challenges, solutions, and results of their time working together. Tied to this, Clutch utilizes a
unique, multi-faceted scoring methodology including factors such as industry recognition,
marketing presence, and clientele. Clutch is thereby able to condense all of this information,
evaluate, and rank the companies on their site for their ability to deliver.

Serving as an update, we want to share the most recent feedback from our clients and how they
and Clutch have evaluated My Web Programmer in the web design, custom software, and web
development fields.

Here are some of the things they’ve had to say:

“The project manager was extremely responsive and patient, and the team was thorough in terms
of development and testing. Response time was within 24-48 hours when I had any bugs or
issues,” explained an Executive of a social media company. They went on to describe what set us
apart from other partners they’ve worked with:

“People know how to develop a product, but they don’t know how to test it and find issues. My
Web Programmer was quite thorough in this regard. Their professionalism and responsiveness
are the most important qualities of the team.”

When asked about what made us particularly impressive, this is what another client, the Founder
of a tax office software firm, chose:

“I would again have to say, their responsiveness. It was leaps and bounds ahead of the other
developers as far as time. They were also very flexible. I had written up some wireframes and we
changed a couple of things along the way and they adapted well.” Speaking on measurable
impacts, they elaborated on the results of our work:

“Feedback has been tremendously positive from people who’ve seen the software. It’s been
really great. Overall, the response so far has been incredible.”

To learn more about our Clutch profile and what separates us from our competitors, stay up-to-
date with our Clutch profile here.

Or if you have a web design, custom software or web development project you would like us to work on,
please contact us and we’d love to learn more about your project.