How To Tell If Your Business Has Outgrown Excel

 How Will You Tell If Business Has Outgrown Excel

Excel has become the most widely used tool that business use to manage productivity. You might be using it to keep track of your employee shifts, different counters, monitoring and calculating your revenue streams and many other reasons.

Not only just you, but many other businesses are also more or less using Excel for the same reasons. The most widely used usage for Excel is that it serves as a storage and analysis tool. However, their ‘physical’ data is obsolete. Managing that data is inefficient and counterproductive. Excel might have worked for you when you were in the initial phase of your business, but as your business grows, Excel can’t keep up.

Surprisingly, many companies are still using Microsoft Excel as their primary data analysis, and storage tool after they’ve outgrown it. Here are a few signs that Excel is not working out for you, and instead you should opt for custom software development.

You have to constantly reconcile spreadsheets

Have you ever encountered where multiple users inputting data in a spreadshseet? You look through a spreadsheet and felt something was missing or data wasn’t correct? Often this happens because you’re looking at the wrong version of the spreadsheet.

If this is the case, you should be using a custom software application connected to a database that allows multiple users to interact with the data. With proper access and user roles, you’ll always have accurate, easy-to-manipulate information.

You need stronger calculations

Every business do not have experienced staff that can create impressive formulas, and having years of experience writing Excel functions. If you frequently find yourself using the heavy-hitting functions like PIVOT, VLOOKUP, and SUMIF, you’ve reached the peak of Excel’s ability.

Excel is not an analytical tool, it doesn’t have any more advanced tools to aggregate, manipulate or analyze data. Furthermore, Excel can’t make future predictions or evaluate historical data.

At this stage, it’s better to use customized software and solutions that doesn’t require years of learning, and is more robust and efficient for your business. Custom software that allows you to produce elaborate reports, analyze data and automatically make stronger calculations.

Difficult to use version control

Version control is a procedure which is used to manage the changes being made to software,databases and websites. Furthermore, every change can be viewed by users so that they are aware of the changes being made by other users. In an ideal situation, version control systems make older versions of the documents easily accessible so time can be saved.

  • Excel has a difficult to use version control.
  • If two or three users are compiling their data and everyone has their own spreadsheet, then you will have to compile and organize all the different spreadsheets which is counterproductive and costs time and effort.

Your business should use a custom web application developed for your business, where data can easily be accessible by all users and then you can have a system where you have got accurate and easy to organize information.

Excel takes a long time to load

You know Excel isn’t doing its work when:

  • You are facing long delays when opening spreadsheets
  • You are managing your tasks around these delays.
  • Your computers are lagging.

The point of Excel is to improve productivity, not the other way around. You should have a system available with a database that has an easy to use interface and all users can easily store and organize their information in it.

Excel is not the ideal analytical tool

Excel has got a long list of complex formulas which you can use to get the job done. But in order to get proficient in using those formulas. You need experienced users. Besides Excel is limited in its uses.

  • Excel is limited in its analytical prowess.
  • Excel cannot be used for brainstorming.
  • Excel doesn’t produce reports using existing data and neither it can make predictions.

Excel can easily compromise your security

Every business has got confidential internal files and if they fall in the hands of outsiders you may have just compromised your security.

  • Excel files are not trackable.
  • They are easy to transport.
  • They can easily be accessed if uploaded on a shared drive. Thus posing a security and financial threat.

Excel cannot do automated tasks

Yes, the data is digital. But copy-pasting is not it still takes human effort.

  • Excel doesn’t work well with other solutions.
  • If you need to transfer your data you need to copy and paste it cell by cell. It’s a long process.


It’s important to regularly evaluate your tools, no matter how embedded they are in your business process or industry.

Excel is a good tool, but sometimes business grow and Excel doesn’t seem as simple as it used to be, but rather feels to be a burden now.

So instead of a massive spreadsheet operation, your business needs a customized software developed according to your business needs and workflow. The custom developed software can automate the tedious tasks, analyze the data that’s meaningful to you, integrate with your other systems (CRM, payroll, accounting, shipping, etc).

Does Excel cause you any challenges?

If yes, you are in need of custom software developed for your business, email us at and we will definitely take care of your needs.

5 Ways You Can Make Your Business More Efficient Using Technology

5 Ways You Can Make Your Business More Efficient Using Technology

Ways You Can Make Your Business More Efficient Using Software And Web Development

Business is more competitive than ever now in the present technological age. In order to gain the edge on your competitors, you need to take advantage of the latest cutting edge technologies. However, upgrading your business means not just replacing or changing your computers, but looking into systems that are outdated and inhibiting your growth, and opt for custom software and web app development. Here are five pointers you can implement to get maximum efficiency out of your business.

Making The Switch To Cloud Technology

Updating your business should be done by developing custom software systems and solutions that are robust and flexible at the same time. You are looking at the long term returns for your investment. Cloud technology is your answer to long term returns while maximizing robustness in your business workflow. This type of technology is especially helpful for managing your IT related requirements.

  • Cloud Technology doesn’t interfere and can easily be integrated as well to your currently deployed systems.
  • You can easily access your business systems outside the work network, remotely, so you can connect with your customers and co-workers

Using Real-time Marketing Techniques

You can take advantage of real-time marketing tools now, such as Google Adwords, social media and other apps, to gather data on the market trends. Using the traditional approach is slow and it doesn’t have that effect that it used to. Nonetheless, the challenge here is not to collect data but to analyze it to deliver the products that customers want.

  • Real-time marketing makes the process easy as social media platforms have got insight tools that you can utilize to keep track of your engagements over a period of time.
  • Real-time marketing can help you save cost and time as well.

Automating Your Workplace

Automating the workplace is becoming a necessity as it helps you save time and cost while increasing your work operations running as efficiently as possible. You could get a visitor management system developed for your front desk operations which will save a lot of time for your front desk operating staff.

You can also get a custom software or web application developed for your business that helps you automate your business workflow, increase effecieny, transparency and overall productivity of your employees.

  • It helps with saving your time on executing tasks.

Use Custom Software and APIs

You might be running off-the-shelf software solutions to perform tasks such as billing and various other management systems. However, you will always find tasks that are not covered by your current deployed system, to get around those tasks you should get your hands on a custom software and integrate it with third party APIs like Quickbooks, Slack, WhatsApp, etc. This will help you perform those tasks while considering the custom or unique workflow of your business.

  • APIs can be integrated into any part of your custom software and web application and can help maximize the efficiency of your business, so consider adding them to your business tools arsenal.

Switch To An Employee Portal

Emails are becoming an outdated form of communication in the workplace due to saturation of spam messages. Many people don’t check their emails at regular intervals due to receiving an excessive amount of spam. Consider developing a custom employee portal or web application, that just not acts as an internal messaging system, but you can also assign tasks to your employees, send invoices, manage budget, etc.

  • It can help you send out instant notifications which also notify whether your memo has been read or not.
  • Also has the ability to have peer to peer conversations as well.

Final Thoughts

When looking to update your system, you should focus on things that are bottlenecking the workflow of your business. If you are lacking in the storage department, upgrade to cloud storage. If you need quick response time to your memos, switch to an employee portal. The key thing is to look for the internal processes that can be modified to maximize efficiency. If you can’t find those key elements, email us at and we will be happy to assist you in increasing your work efficiency.


The Top Advantages of Custom Built Software


Does off-the-shelf software really cater to your business needs?

Most businesses nowadays are using ready-made software to take care of their business needs as far as automation is concerned. While this may take care of some of your needs, this software still has their limits and they just don’t have the adapting capabilities a custom-built software has.

In order to stay ahead of the market, you need to have a custom-built software at your disposal. Here are a few reasons why a custom built software can be the answer to all your automation problems and needs:

Tailored to your needs/requirements

Ready-made software usually caters to generic needs. However, it may not cater to your specific needs. After all, no one understands the nitty-gritty of your business better than you.

Meanwhile, generic software may be of use to in most businesses but your business might not be like other businesses. You have a unique business model and for that, you need the edge over your competitors. The edge, which is provided by custom-built software.

  • Custom built software is built around your business model as per your requirements.
  • Software built around your needs will assist your team as well as the client side of your business.
  • Custom software lets you work in an efficient manner as they are built tailored to specific needs.


Ready-made software is also not as flexible as per your needs. Companies usually build them around the generic requirements of the market and not to your business model.

Even if an app was giving you the work efficiency you demand might not be as efficient after a while, as you make changes to your business model.

  • Custom-built software has adaptive capabilities and can be customized to your new business model.
  • This will also save your employee training costs as these custom apps can also be modified keeping in mind the needs of your current and future staff.


As it’s a software customized to your needs, it can also be integrated into the already deployed systems you are running for your business.

It can save upgrading costs as well as instead of replacing the whole system.

  • Automation should make your business tasks easier, not harder. Custom software does exactly that.
  • Custom apps can update the outdated areas of the system while keeping the rest of the processes running as they are.

Available support

Having a need-based software gives you a higher level of support than a generic product. When you own a custom software you will get technical support that works around your timetable and makes the changes you need on your terms. Meanwhile running an off-the-shelf software doesn’t give you that privilege as you have to wait for the updates and patches that the developers release when they see fit.

  • Custom software gives you access to support teams that assist you in the time of your need, unlike the off-the-shelf software support which works on the market needs, not yours.


Custom software is more secure as only you and the developers have got access to the source code of your system, hence fewer security threats.


Custom software surely is the preferred choice as its more customized, flexible adaptable and more secure than the generic software. You will surely gain the edge you need over your competition, which will help you generate more revenue for your business.

My Web Programmer Shines Among Top Web Development Companies at GoodFirms

Washington D.C. based GoodFirms – a prominent research and review platform recently recognized My Web Programmer as one of the leading company in web development and software development categories.

About My Web Programmer:

My Web Programmer is a leading web development company working with USA and other global clients. Apart from web development, the firm also specializes in custom mobile application development, web designing, software development, and Artificial Intelligence development services.

The agency has customized solutions for startups, mid-size businesses, and well-established enterprises. Their outstanding software and web development services cater to a large chunk of industries like – automotive, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, advertising & marketing.

The research team of GoodFirms reviewed My Web Programmer’s business performance and found that the company has achieved a remarkable rank in the GoodFirms research for two categories.

GoodFirms Research Methodology:

GoodFirms is a substantial research and review platform that has an analytical team of researchers. To list the service providers on its platforms, the researchers thoroughly analyzes and evaluates assorted companies using a significant evaluation process that includes three vital parameters –

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Ability

My Web Programmer’s Achievements in the Following Categories at GoodFirms:

  1. Web Development in Georgia:

The firm has a stronghold in the web development domain and persistently shows a high level of commitment in offering a full cycle of web application development services. The forte of the team is that they have developed and delivered 470+ projects heading from 30+ industries since its inception.

The agency promptly adopts the latest technological changes and efficiently executes advanced strategies to the clients’ complex projects.

Such an immense experience in the web development industry proves their proficiency in the arena and earns them a high-flying name on the list of top web development companies in Georgia at GoodFirms.

Impressive ScoreCard of My Web Programmer at GoodFirms:

Overwhelming Review for My Web Programmer at GoodFirms:

“I have been using this company for several years. They have been great!

–         Jonathan Ward  CEO at ICON

For executing world-class web development services, the company competently surpass in technologies like WordPress. The dynamic team of the developers at My Web Programmer uses WordPress Plugins and its extended functionalities for developing the finest eCommerce and business websites.

Such engraving experience in implementing WordPress will soon position the firm on the list of the most reliable WordPress web development companies at GoodFirms.

  1. Software Development in Georgia:

The stupendous team of My Web Programmer develops user-friendly custom software development solutions for which GoodFirms has recognized and ranked them as one of the top performers on the list of best software development companies in Georgia.

They follow unique custom software development processes and develop something that is not available in off-the-shelf software basket. Such tailor-made software helps its clients to stay ahead of the competition and automate their workflow.

Apart from developing new software, they also refurbish the existing under-performing software of the clients to enhance their efficiency. Such out performance has helped the company to grow and gain a viable position on the GoodFirms’ platform.

About GoodFirms:

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts with finding the top web development and software development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that matches their business needs.


Estimate the Cost of Your Next Website, App, and Software in Less Than 5 Minutes Using Our Software Cost Estimating Tool

When getting an app developed, a business should not only have well-defined requirements and expectations, but software development cost should also be clear. A business can only decide if the app and software is affordable or if it will bring value to the business, once there’s no uncertainty regarding the costs involved.

Check out the Website, App, and Software Cost Estimating Tool here.

To make it easy for both the customer to get a clear estimate of costs and for the app development company to come up with a quote, we’ve developed an app and software cost estimator tool; Estimate My App. Estimate My App is a checklist type tool which informs the software development company of how you’ve envisioned the app to look and function like. Let’s have a look at how to use website and software cost estimator tool to instantly calculate software development costs in less than 5 minutes.

Nature, Size & UI

The first step when developing an app is to decide whether you require a web app, website, an iOS app or one that functions with Google’s operating system, Android. Moving on, you’d need to specify the number of key feature pages in your app which would help determine the size of the app.

Once decided, the next step is to choose the level of UI. From MVP, the rawest form of UI, to Polished, a bespoke UI design, you can choose a user interface that you think suits and works best for your audience.

User & Accounts

After finalizing the basics of your app, you will then be specifying how you’d like the users to create accounts on the app. The options available range from a classic sign up via an email to logging in using social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or inviting new users via an email. You can also opt for multi-tenant accounts, subdomains or custom domains allowing account based sign-ups and enabling customers to access the app with a subdomain or a domain of their own.

User-Generated Content & Engagement

How would you want your users to interact with the app? Most apps do have a dashboard to summarize data or show important notices. According to nature of your business and app, you can choose to add an activity feed, an option to let users upload content, create customized user profiles, store audio or video files and add search fields among other options.

If the app you want to be designed is an e-commerce app you may want an option for users to rate products or perhaps add a calendar or maps to use for scheduling and dropping pins. You can also add features which would enable users to send messages, comment on stuff or share pieces of content on social media.


For an e-commerce business, Estimate My App lets you add features such as subscriptions plans, payment processing, and a shopping cart. Alternatively, you can also specify if you’d want your app to support a consumer to consumer e-commerce business where users can add and sell their products.

Admin, Feedback & Analytics

Options such as CMS integration allow information to be edited without developer intervention. Moreover, adding user admin pages will enable adding or removing users and overseeing of work by approving or disapproving content and submissions. A usage analytics can come in handy if you’d want to regularly check the reaction of your consumers on products on your app and a performance monitoring feature helps you know how smooth the user experience is. If you’d be functioning in multiple states or countries, a multilingual support could come in handy.

External APIs, Integrations & Security

Determine if you’d want your website, software or app to work with any 3rd party services, send SMS to users or make calls through the apps using masked numbers.

Lastly, you’d obviously want your app to be secure. You can opt for the industry standard SSL certificate-based security or a DoS protection typically used by apps with a higher public profile. A two-factor authentication feature can also be added.

Make sure you’ve tick-marked all the relevant information, add your content details and click on the get estimate button; and on the next page you will get the cost estimate instantly.

Check out the Website, App, and Software Cost Estimating Tool here.