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How to Choose the Right Offshore Software Development Company?

Finding the right offshore software development company for developing your required software is a tedious and long process, if you select the wrong company it can be quite an ordeal.

offshore software development company

While choosing the right offshore software development company can benefit you to reduce costs in salaries, acquire experienced resources, lower project costs, and help grow your business.

Here are some aspects that you can consider when looking for an offshore software development company.


Experience With Your Required Custom Software

You need to do your research when approaching potential offshore software development companies. Time is considered to be the determining factor of a worth of the company by many organizations.

But that is not the primary reason at all, a better determining factor would be the expertise of the custom software development company with your niche. If they have developed and worked on similar projects, then they are worth considering.

Although it’s worth mentioning that many established businesses have hired developers not experienced with client’s industry, but still these businesses have been satisfied with the final product along with keeping the costs down by offshoring.


Updated With Modern Technologies

It is quite an unrealistic expectation to put on a single developer that they stay up to date with all modern techniques and coding languages. However, it is not so unrealistic to have the same expectation from a software development company with a versatile team of developers.

When looking for a development team that is providing offshore software development services, make sure they are well-versed in product conceptualization, design, documentation, scalability, modernization, and competency in handling multiple release cycles.

They should be able to develop in the coding language of your choice, whether it’s PHP, Python, Laravel, AngularJS, ReactJS, etc.

Background Check

This is quite the obvious one, yet its being mentioned in this article. Do a thorough background check. Ask for references, check client testimonials, customer reviews, and case studies of their previous projects.

Another good practice that you can implement is ask for a trial run of their services so you can have peace of mind when it comes to quality of services provided.

Provision of Project Management Services

It is not easy to manage a team of developers while you have a business to take care of. Make sure you choose an offshore software development company that has a proven project management process. This helps you achieve software product that you really require.

Right project management tools along with a project manager and quality assurance team can become the bridge between you and the developers. This allows the offshore software company to take the responsibility off your shoulders of managing a development team.

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Handling of Communication Issues

Hiring remote offshore developers can be sometimes be quite a bothersome task due to different time zones and language barriers.

When hiring an offshore software company, make sure they offer you a point of contact so that delays and miscommunication can be avoided.

Make sure that the development team offers you quick support, in order to avoid spending unnecessary time trying to reach the development team.


To sum it up, make sure you hire an offshore software team that preferably has expertise in your niche, is updated with modern technologies and techniques, has a considerable reputation, provides project management services, and last but not the least, has good grip on client communication skills.

There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for an offshore software company that is offering their custom offshore software development services, but if you keep the above points in mind, then surely you can hire a company that will meet your budget and give you a high-quality final software product.

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Why Hire Dedicated PHP Developers?

Hiring in house developers to develop your required software can be a pretty tiring and long process. You’ll have to oversee operations in person while the team works during the defined work hours under your supervision.

This might sometimes result in a lot of mismanagement of time, as that time can be better utilized running your business and focus on business growth.

Furthermore, if the workload is extensive you’ll need to hire a project manager, who would act as a proxy between you and the software development team, which might save your time but would it would increase your budget for getting your software developed.

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Here are some reasons to consider for hiring remote PHP developers for your business:


The alternative is outsourcing your work to a team of dedicated PHP developers, which is like a plug and play model.

You just need to communicate clearly and concisely your requirements and the development team will take care of all the processes that occur between the development up till the deployment process of your software.

Your time is saved because you and the team decide on deadlines, complete or partial, of the delivery of the product.

Moreover, you won’t have to go through the tedious process of recruitment as the company you’ll hire have a pretty strict criterion of hiring PHP developers, so you can rest easy in that regard as well.

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The cost of maintaining an in-house team is comparatively higher as in-house developers charge much more than developers working on a staff augmentation model. The quality will also not be compromised as offshore software development companies offer their expertise at a lower rate than a local one.

These offshore software companies provide dedicated PHP developers on-demand. You won’t need to waste your resources providing them working space, a working laptop, and other essential amenities that an in-house PHP development team requires to develop software.

Furthermore, outsourcing your PHP development work means paying the amount agreed in the contract, instead of a monthly sum of money that you’d need to pay to an in-house development team.

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Quality Work

Due to so much competition in the market, these offshore PHP development companies provide excellent services at reasonable rates. Many offshore software development companies provide full-cycle services, including business analysis, PHP development, quality assurance, project management, deployments, support, and maintenance.

Many PHP development companies have excellent client reviews and rapport, they provide good customer support and quality work for client satisfaction.

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Ease of Access, Streamlined Collaboration, and Meeting Deadlines

Hiring Dedicated PHP Developers from PHP Development company gives you the facility of ease of access, i.e. you can monitor the project progress remotely from anywhere in the world. Many companies have a proven project management process in place allowing you to review the progress, collaborate in a streamlined manner, and have a smooth project flow.

As mentioned above, successful PHP development companies follow an agile project management process. They strive to get excellent client reviews by delivering on time, so you have peace of mind.

Many offshore software development companies provide you with 24/7 support taking the responsibility of maintaining your software off your shoulders for a small monthly fee.

They also give you additional benefits such as working in your time zone and remote access to the whole process.

These advantages of hiring dedicated PHP developers surely make for a smart decision when it comes to saving costs and not compromising on the quality from a business perspective.

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