7 Tips for Small Business Growth Using Website Design


In this competitive world, people search the internet for information on a daily basis. They might search for businesses, products or services that they might need. And if you are small business, you must have an online presence in order to be in front of your potential customer.

Your small business must have a website for your customers to be able to search you over the internet, on Google Maps, as well as your website will help you stand out from the competition. Here are seven advantages of having a business growth by means of great website and its design.

1) Consistent Brand Identity

Professional web designers think about the big picture. They create a visual language for your brand that is consistent across different contexts. Brands having a consistent brand identity and visual language puts a more memorable and long lasting impression on the customers and thus can help you gain more customers and customer loyalty as well.

2) More Visitors

By having a website designed from professional web designers and developers, you will not just be expecting clicks, you will be expecting visitors and customers who can go over your website and know more about your small business and what you do.

Keep in mind that most of the people will be leaving after just a glimpse on your website if your website is not professionally designed, so it will require some special design and conversion optimization that can keep the customers interested and willing to buy your services or products.

3) Increase Customers

Most of the business poses local fame but you should think of the customers outside your city as well. A website can help your business in generating more and more customers not only in your city but outside your city as well. The internet also offers global community and with a great website design, your business will become popular all around the globe. You should consult with your website programmers about your website goals.

4) Increase Sales

A website is considered as more environmental friendly when it is about marketing and advertising your small business. Some examples include, Facebook ads and SEO. This is among the main advantages of having a website designed for your business in order to increase the sales and profit margins.

5) Better Relationship

Having a website designed for your business creates an improved and better relationship with your customers. You can instantly have conversation and send messages to your customers through email and your customers can also leave a feedback for your business. This is the essential element for creating good relationship with your customers and have more of them.

6) Advertising and Accessibility

With a well-designed website for your small business, you do not have to worry about the closing time any more. An online website can be visited irrespective of the time limitation both day and night. The customers will be looking at your website rather than going to the shop as this makes it more accessible. Potential customers can look at your website using their smart phones on the go.

Just ensure that you have sufficient information available on your website for the customers.

7) Stand Out from Competition

Well-designed website doesn’t just cut it anymore. Within a single industry, there exists many websites that look similar. It’s your website design that makes your small business stand out from your competition and attract the customers towards your small business. So make sure to have your website designed professionally using some professional web programmers, designers and developers that can give you sparkly graphics to get the people’s attention.

If you’d like to get a professional website designed for your small business to help you stand out from the competition and increase your sales, you should get in touch with a professional web development company like My Web Programmer and they’ll be glad to assist you.

10 Best Mobile Apps for Your Small Business


Mobile apps are effective and quite easy to use. They can keep the customers engaged with your business, help in organizing your business and can even help your business to become more recognized by the people.

Apps are becoming more influential in gaining relevance specially when it is about helping in business growth. It is time that you make good use of these apps. Here are 10 best mobile apps that your small business will be needing.

1.      Expensify

Expensify is an app which have already helped a lot of businesses when the app changed the scary expense accounts to simple ones. This app helps the companies in simplifying the process of submitting and approving expense reports like never before. With this app, you can have a track of the expenses and traveled miles all in one place.

2.      Square

Square is an app that lets anyone having access to smartphone or tablet, accept the credit cards using their plugin processor. This app is very suitable for those retailers who do not want to deal with payments from irritating credit card processors.

3.      Evernote

Evernote is one useful app that remembers almost everything for you. This app makes all your notes, to-do lists, tasks in one place.

4.      Google Drive

Google drive is already very popular and has made our lives very easy. It lets us access the computer files and folders virtually from anywhere and also share them with the contacts within just a click. The apps let you access all of your documents from the ease of your phone.

5.      Asana

The Asana app is very useful if you want to get rid of all the email chains. It also puts together a platform of your to-do list, tasks, and group projects. Within one platform, you can assign different tasks to different users and have conversation while keeping all in a single place.

6.      Uber

Uber is a very useful app which allows the users to hail a taxi, a luxury car, a black car or even an SUV vehicle to their exact and accurate location.

7.      Boomerang

Boomerang is known as a perfect app for the workaholic type of people as it lets the users to disengage from work email and at the same time receive the ones which are important. It also has scheduling, email reminders and calendar feature.

8.      HootSuite

HootSuite is an app that lets you manage all of your social media for your business straight from one app. With this great app, you can have an analytics which allows you to track your content on the social media as well as schedule your outreach on the social media.

9.      Mailstrom

The Mailstorm app lets you have your own preferences in order to decide which of the emails are most important for you. It saves your preferences for spam and bulk emails and sends those kinds of email to their own folders so that they do not bother you.

10. Robin

Robin is known as the personal assistant app that is very useful for businesses having tough schedules. Robin is just similar to Siri for helping you in your day to day business routine.

The above are our pick for the 10 best apps for your business. They make our lives so much easier by easily handling emails, your expense reports, parking, rides, and a lot more.

If you need a custom mobile app developed for your business, get in touch with a professional Mobile App Development Company like My Web Programmer or Your App Hero to make your project successful. Hire mobile app developers that have experience, understand your requirements and are dedicated to your business success.