10 questions to ask web development company

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Company


Selecting a professional web design and development company is one critical choice you might have to make for your business. You will not be just handing over a project to them, you will be entrusting your business growth to them. To help you make the right choice, here are ten questions which you can ask before hiring a web development company.

1) How do they price their services?

You will be hiring professional website programmers for the web development service they provide, so it is important to know about the price breakdown and the time amount which they will be spending on your project.

2) What is their track record?

A more important thing is to know the cost and reliability of the company. You must be sure about trusting the company and their web programmers for producing the best results for your project and the company you are hiring should be able to provide a return on your investment.

3) How do they measure their results?

A website is a means of marketing that you use to foster the overall growth of your business and to boost the ROI of the brand. You must have complete knowledge about how they measure their results as in conversions, traffic, customer acquisition, sales growth, etc.

4) What are their core services?

A web development company having the ability and skill set of approaching effectively and completing all aspects of your project, which includes strategy, planning, design, development and marketing, will be much more qualified to deliver the best solutions for the outcomes that you want.

5) What are their credentials or qualifications?

Make sure that the website development company which you are entrusting your entire business with is respected, have proven track record and hire expert web programmers.

6) What does their operation look like?

Before you start the relationship with the web programming company you’re willing to hire, do ask them about the way they operate. Ask them about their project management strategy and their process, as these web developers will be responsible for the success of your project.

7) How do they ensure your project is executed properly?

From employing an in-house professional team, to following the coding standards along with a proven project management strategy will help make your project a success. Experienced website programmers for hire will split the project into milestone / deliverable, so the client can see the progress as the project moves along and make project payments based on the milestones.

8) How big is the company and what is their structure?

If the team you are hiring is too small, might have the delays and lack of available professionals. If the team you are hiring is too large, then you may have the risk of being lost within the bureaucracy, and you might have a lack of personal project care. The size is not the main factor of choosing the web development company; just make sure that you are comfortable with the team and the process of development.

9) How do they staff individual projects?

A proper web development team comprises of architects for planning, web designers for designing, web developers for coding, quality assurances engineers for testing, project managers for keep the project on track, and online marketing specialists for the implementation of effective marketing strategy.

10) Is the company financially stable?

You don’t want to put your project in an in-stable company but a stable one that will be around well beyond the beta launch of the website.

5 Ways to Make Your Web Project Successful


Planning, designing, creating and developing a web or mobile application is not an easy undertaking. There exists a huge variety of components which are to be cohesively worked together by a professional web development company and a clear communication is essential at every step by experienced web programmers.

Keeping in mind that the things that are needed to make the web project fruitful, this will help in preventing things such as wasted time, missed deadlines and uncertain costs. Here we have 5 different ways to ensure that your web project that is completely efficient and the quality is up to the mark and to the level of the team expectation.

1. Clear and Concise Project Scope

The key to have a successful project is to focus a lot of time and effort on planning, strategy and framing the project. The more time you spend on these, the greater are your chances of having a smooth project. On the planning part, the major questions to determining the web project scope might comprise of:

  • What are your goals from the website?
  • What do you want your visitors to do on the site?
  • What is the functionality required to achieve your goals?
  • What features will be used by your company?

These questions will guide you the process and let you develop a website that achieves specific goals of the business. The better you define the project scope, the better it will be for your web programmer to develop according to your requirements.

2. Involve the Main Stakeholders in the process

It is essential that you involve the key stake holders or the people who wants to be involved in the development project, from the very beginning and not from the middle or end.  This can cause major setbacks. It is also essential that you know which key members are to be involved in the process.

It is great to involve and consult with your web developers as they will be developing your website and being a part to make it a success.

3. Don’t try to do everything at once

Typically, the web development project must be segmented into milestones and phases rather than being developed everything all at once. The MVP (minimum viable product) is suggested to be started with return on investment versus risk. Doing segmentation is one of the main starting points which help you to determine the way you want your website or app to look and feel.

4. Design the site with your Customers in Mind

When you are planning on the development and design of your website, it is essential to focus on the looks of the website and the images which are to be used on the site. These are important, and more important is to keep in mind the end user of the website. You should focus on knowing how you can achieve the goals of your customers with the website? Hire web programmers that have relevant experience in designing and developing successful digital experiences.

5. Uphold a Strong Communication All the Time.

Having a good and strong communication can make things simpler and more effective in life. You must clarify the client about what is being done on the site and what stage of the process you are in. In a similar way, the web development agency should also be up to the speed in terms of the process of approval, and the things that should be done in order to keep the project going.

Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Web Development Company


Hiring a web development company for your web application development or website design project is one of the significant decisions for your business. Particularly when you’re a small business and can not afford to hire an in-house developer on premises.

A good option is to hire a dedicated remote developer or development team (consisting of web developer, designer, quality assurance engineer and project manager) through a web development company that provides resources for hire on-demand or services on contract.

But there are some factors that are needed to be kept in mind while choosing a website design and development company for your website. Following are 5 tips to keep in mind when hiring a company for web development:

1.      Company Responsiveness

Responsiveness is extremely important factor throughout the process of web development and even after that. You must see how quick is the response from the firm in terms of your initial inquiry. Check if they are returning your calls on a timely manner. If the firm is not responsive before winning your business, it is more likely that they will not be responsive after they have attained it.

2.      Listening and Interpretation

There is nothing more important as having a web partner who asks the appropriate questions and then digs deep in order to ensure that what you desire is the same as what you say. A good web development partner or firm spends more time in researching and digging for what you want and then provides you the final output that is in accordance with your business goals so that you get full functionality and the site works according to your needs.

Many successful web development firms work using Agile methodology; splitting the project into various deliverables / milestones (this is usually for fixed price projects) or giving frequent progress updates / iterative demo on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This helps the project to stay on track as well as help the clients to provide feedback on a timely manner and see if the project is going in the right direction.

3.      Good Suggestions

The web programmer you choose should be willing and be able to let you know if something you desire is a bad choice or a bad idea for you, and explain you the reasons for it. You are not a web developer and you might not have the knowledge about the changes in technology as much as you web partner does. Therefore, the partner company should be able to get you out of bad choices and update you about the trending ones.

4.      Professionalism and Communication

Take out sometime and communicate with the web programmer you’re willing to hire. Check if they maintain a professional level of communication. Observe their office environment and your feelings when you enter their office. Observe their staff, their level of satisfaction and happiness towards their company. These are probably the people who will be working on your project. Therefore, it is better to know how do you feel about them.

5.      After Sale Service

This is considered as one of the main reasons why people or companies have dissatisfaction from their previous web partners, and this is the major aspect of successful relationship between the client and the vendor. Check the availability of after sales services from your website programmers. Many web development firms offer 30 days free support on project completion.

6.      Comprehensive Services

A full-service web development company can handle the entire project which includes the strategy making, planning, wire-framing, designing and development, deployment and maintenance of your project. A successful company is able to formulate the strategy for your entire website and you can see it over all the lifecycle phases. Therefore, look for a company that can handle everything on its own rather than having multiple vendors for each phase.

7.      The Credentials

It is easy for any company to hang a shingle and claim to be the best web business. Do not just think of any company having a few clients along with nice looking site as a truly qualified company. Check out their work portfolio and client testimonials. You can also ask for client references if you’d like to talk to some of their clients to get an idea about their service quality. A web development company can only be as good as the available people who are their when you need their assistance.

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