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5 Ways A Digital Agency Can Help Grow Your Business


This is a world of digital marketing and surviving as a business can be quiet difficult. There are new things which are expected to be known by a business in order to be competitive in the market. Luckily, digital agency can benefit you to help you succeed online.

Many people who think hiring web developers or a digital agency is only for web development purposes. However, here we have gathered 5 ways in which a digital agency can additionally benefit your business.

1) Creative Strategy

An area in which the digital agencies have superiority is making the strategy and having creativity. They have the knowledge, expertise and technology and are aware of trends along with a firm understanding of demographics just like a painter comes up with unique and amazing ideas and strategy while painting. Same way, digital agencies create strategies to help your business grow in the digital world.

Creative digital agencies provide services anywhere from designing a custom website, creating brand identity, business analysis, E-commerce design, responsive website development, mobile app development, content management systems (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), conversion rate optimization, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, mobile app strategy, and much more.

This makes your business standout from the competition.

2) Digital Optimization

The experts in the digital industry are capable of telling you the most recent content that you posted on your Facebook page would be more effective if it is also shared on Pinterest, whereas the video you posted on the web would actually work well if you posted on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, having a link to a web article.

This is just a random example but the point is factual and true. Understanding the way to optimize the content and ad campaign is vital as you improve your brand and tend to funnel the people towards the call to action.

3) Education and Experience

Experience is a main factor that is brought to the table by the agencies. The knowledge of proper and improper things and different ways of doing things is learned from experience of working with companies of all sizes and shapes.

That knowledge and experience is then educated in order to inform the customer about the things that will help in strengthening the business. A good example includes the company hiring social media persons because they know social media is important, but they do not know why. A good agency with experience can educate you about this.

4) Research and Insights

Researching is one area in which a digital agency flourishes. Research for your competitors and your own consumer base can help you get the valuable information which provides significant insights regarding your strategy towards your business. For example, if you know what your competition is doing, you can formulate your plans in order to attract consumers straight away.

5) Data Analysis

Data is everything from your web usage statistics to downloads, social media shares and even the consumer behavior. These are the vital pieces in a very large puzzle.

The problem is to know what you should do with the numbers and how to transform them into useful information? Digital agency can help you with this. Besides the time it takes, in numerous situations, the best way is to analyze the data and the best way of acting upon it will need experience.

These are the five ways a digital agency like My Web Programmer can be beneficial for your business growth. We hope that this information will help you on the road to success for your business.

5 Ways To Improve Your Website


Each year the customers are making more and more online purchases. Many retailers of today have both their physical presence along with an e-commerce website which have a reportedly 23% growth. This shows the importance of having an effective e-commerce web development.

After making an online website for your business with the help of your web developers, it is significant to keep on improving it and attract your customers’ attention in any way possible. Here we have the top 5 ways which can help you improve your online website.

1) Responsive Design

Above 50% of all searches are on mobile devices. So it is essential to discuss with your website programmers to make your website mobile friendly, otherwise you will lose half of the opportunities for new business straight away.

In the future few years, responsive design will be the standard website architecture for all of the websites, however, currently people are still catching up with the times. In today’s world, any of the major successful business will be having a mobile friendly website and it is usually very responsive.

So make sure you hire web developers that have responsive design expertise.

2) User Behavior Metrics

The owners of businesses must recognize the consumer behavior on their websites. This data is significant for the online business growth.

There is one very effective and simple way of finding this sort of information which is called Google Analytics.  This official Google tool will help you in getting the detailed user behavior on your website which is support you in fine tuning your online business offers. Ensure that you check your analytics regularly each month.

3) Concise Messaging

There is a difference in the mindset and attention level for a person reading a website as compared to a print document. If they both have long text blocks having small print, the customer will not feel any convenience and will be off.

On the website, you must get to the point as quick as you can and make use of bigger and readable typography. Since visitors are here to get the solution for some problem, so your website should answer the problem easily and quickly.

4) Fresh Content

Just like a store changes its display items each month, your website also should have fresh content upon your homepage and the landing pages. The visitors don’t want to have the same experience again and again. A good example is Amazon that changes its deals and sales every time you visit and have new content as well. This tells the customers that they are continuously update to the latest changing in the market.

Also let your customers share your content. This will make them become your supreme marketing ambassadors which helps in SEO as well.

5) Layered Landing Pages

Leading your customers to your homepage is good however, guiding them towards landing pages which goes deep inside your website are of more value.

Most of the business have a wide range of products and services which needs landing pages for every product or service category. This is the sole method of building your market presence.

These are a few tips for you’re to improve your online presence and gain more business opportunities. In a glance, all you need to is to keep yourself on top of the current trends, analyze your results, update and change your site regularly and give customers some sharing options.

Characteristics of the Best Web Development Company


Web development is not just a profession. It is considered as an art that needs experts and professionals to succeed. However, how can you identify one of the best web development companies for your website?

Here we have listed a few characteristics of a good website development company which will help you in choosing the right option for your business.

Creative Team

Hire web development team that is creative in their work and offers you the opportunity to gain diversity in your website. You can use new elements, looks, and themes in order to make the website more customized and unique as compared to the competitors.

If a development agency is offering numerous kinds designing services, then this means that the company has a creative team which can help you more.

Meeting the Deadline

Deadlines are considered as one of the most crucial aspects of web development. You being a website owner should ask the website programmers about the exact time for developing your website. If the company does not provide an estimated deadline or if the deadline is missed, the whole web or application development project can be dreadful.

Ready to Go Process

A process in place is essential for the management of the whole project as its absence means that the company is lagging in “IT”. The web programmers can create their own processes to which they can work on throughout the entire project and the whole web development team works step by step for the project.

Variety in Portfolio

Having a singular kind of portfolio (or experience in just one industry, which is not similar to your business industry) may bring delay in the project and might not have the stability of experimenting new designs and features for your website and thus, it is considered as unsafe in terms of website development and design. Web developers for hire that you’re considering for your project should have a vast portfolio (or have worked in various industries), this should help your website project in reaching the objectives you have in mind.


Web development teams that devote themselves towards excellence and set principles in their work will give you guaranteed outcomes. Read the testimonials and reviews by of the website programmer by the clients who previously used their services. This can give you a better idea about the work and reputation of the web development company.

Proper Blogging Portion

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your ideas, principles and your work which is currently in process etc. Hire web developer or company who has a proper blog for their company and they make sure to update it on a regular basis. These blogs speaks out about the work along with enthusiasm for each project and their skill set.

Support and Maintenance

An expert web programmer will guide you regarding new upgrades for the web, about the way to contact the company at any time after the launch of the website and also, regarding the support and maintenance implementation. This part is critical and you should not ignore this part.

A dedicated web developer having strong experience should also be able to offer you design and development that helps you grow your business by increasing qualified leads, streamline your business process and automate business tasks to save you time and money.

These are a few traits of a great web development company. If you find the above characteristics in any company, you can definitely start your web development project with that company and avail the benefits that help you succeed and look good online.