7 Tips To Hire Top Mobile App Developers


Owing to the fast pace with which the app development industry has expanded, it is not difficult to find a competent app developer to get an application developed according to requirement of your business.

However, the difficult part is finding quality and reliable mobile app developers that understand how to balance the functionality of the application with it visual appearance. Both you and your app developer may have different ideas about how it should look and what features need to stand out. But with thoroughly studying the applications of your competitors and observing the trends and ratings, it will prove a lot easier than you might have thought.

This article will help you to hire the best app mobile developer for your business application. Have a look:

1) The Best Developer is the One Who is Interested in Your Business

Mobile app developer agency that understands the ides of your business and what your goals and ambitions are, is the best professional to design and develop the application for your business. Not only they will understand the idea behind your business, but also they will be able to give you more ideas to make your business application more attractive and overall useful for the users.

To stand out among your competitors it is important that you application includes features which are unique and more functional than others. Ultimately, the best application is that gets used by the users and adds value to their experience.

2) Choose a Platform for your App

You should decide if you would like to create your app for iOS, Android, Windows or all three. You also need to decide if you would like to get a native app developed or app using framework like PhoneGap. Ideally, apps that are simple can be developed using PhoneGap, but apps that have lot of functionality and need to scale in the future, it’s best to get them developed using native app development.

Many app developers develop just for one platform, but you can easily find developers who develop for all the platforms. You can hire iPhone app developers, Android app developers or mobile app developers who develop for all the platforms.

3) Have a Look at their Portfolio

To identify a good developer for creating your business application, it is important that you go through their profile and portfolio; a competent mobile application developer needs to be particularly good at U/UX skills as well as programming complex apps.

What you need to keep an eye out for is the user interfaces designed by them which are eye catching and stand out from a range of applications. Since a lot of businesses today are considering applications to promote their businesses, it is critical for your application’s success is that it stands out from those of the rest of your competitors.

4) What their Previous Clients Say About them

Ask around from others who have hired the services of the same application developer, and seek their opinions. No modern marketing strategy can beat the good old word of mouth. If the rest of their clients are satisfied by their services, you can be sure that they are competent enough.

5) Good Customer Relations

Before you finally decide up on an app developer for your business application, consider the effort they are putting in to satisfy you; this is an indicator that they will respect your ideas and will try their best to incorporate them in to the design of your business application.

Since the process of application design and development requires a series of evaluation, changes and a lot of back and forth, it is important that you are able to communicate with them and that they respect your opinions. This also includes the customer services after the application has been launched.

More importantly, the app developer or the development company that you plan to hire, should have an app development process that helps expect the developers what to develop and for you to expect what you’re going to receive (i.e. the final product / app). The app development processes usually consists of idea brainstorming, refining the idea, making draft wireframes, making the UI / design and do the development based on the approved screen designs and wireframes. This makes a life lot easier for the developers as well as for the clients.

6) Focus on Getting Quality, not the Cheapest Rate

It is not advisable that you hire a mobile app developer solely on the basis of the rates that they are offering. While you may get off paying a cheap rate, there is also very high chance that the quality of work will not be up to the mark either. What you need to focus on both factors, the quality of their work as well as the rate they’re offering.

7) App Design is not just about the Coding

While coding is an important part of application design, it is not the only important thing to consider; make sure that your application has a friendly user interface which is easy for the users to navigate around. Make sure that you application looks attractive enough to stand out among the applications of your competitors.

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Three Steps to Turn your App Idea into a Reality (Simple yet Effective)


In today’s competitive world, more and more businesses are turning towards app development in order to reap more benefits by increasing the number of people they can reach out to.

Having a smart phone application for your business will boost your marketing strategy by making it easier for your existing customers as well as potential customers to reach you if they are interested in your product or service.

This article will guide you about how you can turn your app idea into reality. If you have already decided to create a mobile app for your business, following these three steps will make the process easier for you and will help you in making an informed decision.  Have a look:

1) Understand the Strategy of your Competition

While it is critical that you stick to your idea which is unique to your business, it is also important that you have a look at some of your biggest competitors and see what features are there on their applications.

Having a look at their work might give you another idea to improve the performance of your mobile app. Download the applications of your competitors and use them to really get the feel so you can understand their drawbacks and avoid doing the same mistakes in your application.

Particularly focus on the features their applications have and the one they should have included in your opinion. Come up with the solutions to the issues in their applications so you can avoid them in your business application. Also, notice how the users have rated their applications, it will give you an idea about what the users think in a risk free manner.

2) Focus on your User Interface

While the mobile application developer for hire that you engage to create your app, will also design a user interface for you, which will not only appear visually attractive but will also be functional. It is however advisable that you make the draft wireframes of your business application, so you can highlight the features you want to focus on or the ones which make you stand out from your competitors.

While it is important that your application is user friendly, it is also important that it appears attractive so more and more users will be inclined on downloading it increasing the circle of your customers. If you are handing over the task of designing the user interface completely to your application developer, it is recommended that you get your idea across to your developer and work it out together.

3) Focus on the Branding of your Application

In addition to the functionality and user interface of your business application it is also important that it has enough branding on it so it can become the true representative of your business. It is important that you discuss all the options and alternatives with the app developer you have hired, who will be your better guide when it comes to properly incorporating the brand logo and other branding details in your application.

In a nutshell, to have your business application designed in your personal style it is important that you communicate every detail with your  so the end product is satisfactory and reaps best return on your investment.

While you survey the applications of your competitors, take note of the aspects that you want to incorporate in your application and also the ones that you do not want in your application.

In today’s competitive market, it is very important that you have a functional and user friendly application designed so as to be a tough competitor to others with the same nature of business. However, with proper branding and attractive features, your business mobile app can surely stand out among the rest.