7 Tips for Starting and Improving Your Business in 2016


A lot of people wish to start a new business and be their own boss rather than working in a conventional job. The deal breaker is that they may be skilled at creating things of various natures or providing services to people, what most people cannot do is handling the marketing and advertisement of their businesses.

Advertising your products or services is critical for spreading the word around about your business so your clientele can increase with time and with it bring the profits that you have been working so hard for.

This article includes a number of tips for those of you who have started their online startups and are looking for ways to properly market and grow their businesses. Have a look and ace it!

 1) Get an Online Presence

You definitely need a website developed by a professional web developer. Business website will help your business attract new customers. If you already have a website, you should get it revamped in order to give it a fresh look.

Already have a trendy business website? You can get a mobile app developed by a mobile app developer to give greater value to your customers, outdo your competition or streamline your business process.

2) Content Creation

Through a business website for your products and services, you can target a lot of customers who would be interested in what you do. The most part of online marketing is the content on your website; create catchy and innovative content for the services that you are offering.

The content that you can create may include webinars, videos, blog posts or formal web content which tells the visitors about the details about your services. The key is to attract the audience with interesting aspects about your business; targeted content creation can lead to a great number of indirect sales.

An important tip would be to get a Content Management System (CMS) added to your website by a professional web developer. This will allow you to add fresh content and blog posts to your website. Google values fresh relevant content, so this would be a wise decision.

3) Build Up a Mailing List

When you begin on your startup, you will slowly build up a list of contacts through a number of sources which include other similar businesses and your actual customers. With this mailing list, you will find that you have a pool of potential clients who at some in time may need your services.

Create regular content of high quality and send it in an email format to the contacts in your mailing list; it may help you to spread the word about your business and may also result in to some actual customers.

4) Using CTAs Creatively

For every business, the closing of a sale or deal is the thing to be celebrated, because that means that people actually want to use your product. What is achieved through negotiations and meeting sessions in conventional business, is achieved through ‘call to action’ tabs / buttons in an online business. You can use these smartly and strategically in prominent places on your website and let them work the magic for you.

5) Strong Communication Skills

After some time of running your startup online, you will come to know that you do not necessarily need any sort of salesman skills for selling your products and services; what you actually need is to be social on social media platforms and expand your circle, the sales will take care of themselves.

6) Be a Problem Solver

When people choose to buy your product or hire your service, there is a chance customers might have issues with them. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to make sure that your clients are satisfied and their issues with your product/service are being taken care of.

Devise a strategy to sort their issues so they have good words to speak about you; creating helpful content can be a good way to solve their problems.

7) Focus On Customer Retention

Through a properly designed customer relationship strategy, you can have the same people back for more of your product. Customer retention speaks very highly about any highly and should be a prime focus of yours.

9 Tips to Choose the Best Website Development Company


Technological advancement is making people used to a certain level of comfort which none of us are ready to let go. And this advancement is leading a lot of entrepreneurs, startups and businesses to leverage tech to its fullest; some have app ideas that they’re developing, some are re-vamping their business website for best user experience, businesses are using IT to streamline their business processes, and a lot more is happening.

If you are planning to start your own business or if you already have one, and you want it to be a success the best way to proceed will be to make sure that you provide your potential clients and customers with the level of comfort that they expect. To do this, you will need to have a well developed and easy to navigate website for your business from where they can get all the information that they are looking for and are also able to reach you  for information.

To do this, you will have to hire the services of a professional web programmer to actually bring the idea of your business to life. The following tips will help you in choosing a great website development company for your project so you can begin your journey towards being that successful entrepreneur that you always wanted to be.

1) Experienced Team

Make sure that the web development company that you are considering has been around for a while and is not a fresh start up. If it has been working for a few years, then you can easily trust that they provide quality to their clients and that they must have a range of clients who choose to work with them on their web development projects.

2) Request To Speak With Their Previous Clients

At this request, any reputable web developing company would be willing to arrange your meetings with some of their previous clients so you can be sure of making an informed decision. However, if they hesitate in having to meet with any of their clients, then it is a red flag about the quality of their work and the services they provide.

3) Request To See Samples of Their Work

Before finalizing a web development company to work on your web development project, you should also make sure that you go through some of the projects that they have worked on, to get the idea about their style of work and if it matches the quality you’re looking for.

4) Communications Skills

Since it is your business that we are talking about here, the web development company should make sure that your ideas are incorporated in the design of the website. The bottom line is that there is a lot of back and forth involved in the web development process so communication channels should always be kept open and the company should demonstrate great communication skills.

5) Delivering The Work On Time

The price of the project that you are paying should also depend on how soon they will deliver the completed and fully functional project to you. It is true that website development is a complicated series of steps and needs some time before all the issues in its design can be removed to ensure a seamless function.

6) User Friendly and Mobile Friendly Interface

It is very important for your business website to be user friendly in terms of navigating; also it is equally critical for a website today to be friendly for using on mobile phones as a lot of people today access websites from their smart phones.

7) Suggestion For a Hosting Company

A good website developing company should also be able to suggest a reputable web hosting company for your website project, so make sure that you ask them for recommendations for a web hosting company as well.

8) SEO Knowledge

It is very important for your business website to have effective Search Engine Optimization so it ranks high on search engines, improving the chances of attracting more traffic towards your business. So make sure the web programmers you’re willing to hire have at least basic SEO knowledge.

9) Billing Options

You should be able to easily your website programmer for the web development services they are going to provide. So it would be a bonus if you get a number of easy billing options. It can prove to be a hassle with complicated billing systems. Some web development companies allow you to pay online very easily using your debit / credit card or through PayPal.

My Web Programmer is a web development company that makes sure all the details about your web development project are taken care of to your utmost satisfaction.

How to Hire Top PHP Developers

Everyone needs website programmers to develop, enhance and maintain their website. You might be starting a new business or already have a website, in any case, you would probably needing services of a web or PHP developers.

Everyone needs website programmers to develop, enhance and maintain their website. You might be starting a new business or already have a website, in any case, you would probably needing services of a web or PHP developers.

The most important professional that will be working on your website is called a PHP developer and he will prove to be the one who will be transforming all the wild business dreams that you have about your website into a reality.

9 Tips to Hire Great Web Developers


A lot of large and small businesses today include a website in their marketing strategy as it is considered to be one the best ways in order to spread the word around about their products and services.

In order to achieve this, its essential to hire great web developers and designers that can help you have an awesome web presence. They will have to design the website according to the nature of your business; an ideal business website has to be designed on the lines which truly represent what the business is all about and is also user friendly with features that help the users to navigate through the website easily which will directly impact the progress and promotion of your business.

This article will help you in hiring the best web developer to work on your business website who will actually be playing an important part in your business marketing strategy. Have a look:

1) Get them to Work on an Experimental Project

When you ask them to do an experimental project, it will give you an idea of their style and working pace. By going this way you will not be putting your entire website at stake and will also not be spending a big sum of money as well. Through this small project you will get a hands-on experience of working with the website programmer that you have chosen and it will enhance your confidence in them.

2) Make a List of Skills that you are looking for

Before hiring a web developer for your business website, you need to research and make a list of skills that you are looking for in a web developer. They must be aware of a range of programming languages and other content management systems. When you go on to finally discuss the details with them, ask relevant questions and see if they have all the skills that you require for your website.

You need to ask yourself if you need to hire PHP developers, WordPress developers or website programmers that can work on any technology.

3) Flexibility and Adaptability

Make sure that the web programmer that you choose for your business website is flexible to incorporate your ideas in the plan of the website and is adaptable enough to work with you in a comfortable manner. Since technologies change at a very rapid pace, they should also have a desire for learning new ways and improving on their skills.

4) Have a Look at Other Websites that they have designed

Ask for a list of their previous works and try using those websites. This will help you in becoming used to their style and you will be able in a better position to critically analyze their work.

5) Punctuality

You also need to focus on their working in style in ways other than technical; website programmers should respect the deadlines that you set for them and must be able to deliver the milestones in a punctual fashion. Before you decide to handover your business website to them, you need to be comfortable with their attitude and pace of work.

6) Ability to Work as a Team

Web developers who are well known in their field are able to make a team of their own if they need to do so very easily. Some companies like My Web Programmer have an in-house team of designers, developers, software quality engineers, project managers and mobile app developers that are ready to join with client’s teams for projects like these. Their leadership qualities make it very easy for them to work in a team and lead at the same time.

7) Communication Style

Good communication is essential long term success, timely delivery on time, the first time. So make sure the web programmers you choose to hire have excellent communication style and skills. Besides have strong development expertise, ideal website programmer will be able to professionally communicate with you in order to analyze the requirements, ask questions if any and give status updates.

8) Make sure that you pay them the Market Price

Since getting websites designed and developed for various businesses is in a high demand these days, well reputed web developers are generally well paid. Make sure that when you start looking for web developer for your website, you are aware of their market value so you hold an improved chance of getting a quality programmer to work on your website.

9) Set your Standards

You do not want to have regular incidents where your website crashes and becomes out of order for a number of hours. To avoid this, ensure the quality of the work and also that the code should be workable enough so another developer can easily grasp it.

If you’re looking for a dedicated web developer or a professional web development company to work on your project, get in touch with My Web Programmer and they will be able to accommodate to your requirements.


Guide: How to Perform a SWOT Analysis on your Website?


Many smart businesses use SWOT analyses to market their businesses and this trend is growing fast and has reached the world of web development as well; now you can do a SWOT analysis of your website to know how well it is performing and how the users rate it in various aspects.

What is SWOT analysis?

SWOT analyses focus on a business as a whole and analyze their various strengths and weaknesses to understand how well the customers and clients see it. This type of analysis can also be carried out on websites to work out their popularity and the effectiveness of their features.

Why are such analyses important?

Carrying out a SWOT analysis for your website will help you decide upon a number of factors that make the website effective and in case there are downsides to your website, this analysis will also help you in identifying them and coming up with solutions to them.

The features which prove to be strength of your website can be maintained while the ones which may be harmful to its performance can be improved upon to enhance the efficiency of your website further.

Getting started

To begin with your SWOT analysis for your website, you need to keep in mind the objectives that you set for your business website. You also need to compare your objectives with those of your competitor’s; your focus should only be on the competitors which have goals that are similar to yours so the comparison becomes easy.

To simplify the whole process of comparing website objectives you can keep in mind the S.M.A.R.T objectives model which translates to Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

It is also beneficial to co-ordinate with your website programmer for their recommendation, suggestion or any advice they may have. Many web programmers having strong experience have worked on various complex projects for hundreds of clients in numerous industries, which give them the exposure to give you a beneficial recommendation.

Performing a SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; you need to break up your analysis into these four categories. In case of websites, these categories will further be split two ways; external environment and internal environment.

Each category will focus on the positive and negative aspects of the website and will combine to make up the complete analysis of your website.  Internal environment focuses on the factors that are in control of the user while the external environment is made up of the factors which are outside the user’s control such as the open market and their competitors.

The group which is analyzing the internal environment of a website will consider the features which have been incorporated in the design and layout of the website. In case of a website which has not yet been designed, the group will focus on the features that have been planned to be incorporated in the website. Strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment will be focused on by this group while external environment will not be considered by this group.

The second which is carrying out the SWOT analysis will focus on the external environment which comprises of the number of opportunities and threats. This group will focus on the external that affect the performance of a website and not regard the performance of the internal factors on their own.

Some of the internal strengths include:

  • User friendly interface
  • Efficient call to actions
  • Content which speaks for the business

Some of the internal weaknesses include:

  • Call to action feature which is ineffective
  • When content does not give out sufficient details about the business
  • User interface which is outdated

Some external opportunities include:

  • Incorporating new technologies
  • Focusing on new markets and range of clients
  • Effective marketing strategies

Some external threats include:

  • Threat of your layout being copied
  • New competitor offering similar product / service
  • Upgrading software

A SWOT analysis of your website will identify the areas of your website that need to be improved. With the baseline that these analyses provide you, you can build up the strengths of your website and manage the weaknesses to provide your clients with a better experience. Hire web programmer who is experienced and has the expertise to take your business to the next level and help you implement your SWOT analysis report on your website.