How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Agency


A lot of old and new businesses today are getting smart phone applications designed for their businesses; this increases their chances of reaping more profits out of a better marketing strategy.

If you are considering getting a business application developed for your business, here are the top questions that you should ask from your app development agency to make a better decision. Have a look:

Look For Other Applications They Have Designed

If the agency you are considering eagerly gives you a list of applications that they have designed and their work seems attractive to you, then you should consider hiring their services. However, before making a hasty decision to hire iPhone App developers or Android App Developers, make sure that you use their applications and are satisfied with their functionality and user interface.

Ask To Speak To Their Previous Clients

Smart phone applications leave no indication about who actually designed the application; in order to make sure that the list of applications that app development agency provided to you has actually been designed by them, you will need to speak to speak to their previous clients. Getting references from their previous clients will also give you an idea about the type experience they have had while working with them.

Ask About Features Which Will Help You to Generate Revenue

Since your primary reason for getting an application designed is to earn more profit by expanding the audience of business and reaching out to them, you need to ask about features that your app developing agency will incorporate in your application that will help you in achieving your purpose.

What Will Be the Platform for Communication During the Process of Application Design and Development?

Since it is highly possible that there can be a difference between your ideas and the ones that are proposed by your web development agency, it is critical that communication channels remain open and the flow of communication continues.

Besides communication, the app development company should have a development process. This starts with discussing the idea / app concept with the client, making draft wireframes, getting them approved, designing UI / UX and then start development in parallel with the design work.

For communication, you need to decide upon a platform which is mutually feasible for you to communicate on. Any miscommunication can lead to disastrous consequences for the final design of your application.

Talk About Unique Features That They Can Incorporate in Your Business Application

Since there is wide range of applications of a number of varying ranges, unless your application has a feature that makes it stand out, it will prove to be really difficult for it to make any big moves for your business. Talk to your app developing agency about any unique features that they can incorporate in the design of your application to make it stand out among sea of other similar applications.

Ask About the Ownership of the Application

Generally speaking the company or the individual who is paying for the design and development of an application is considered the owner of the application. However to avoid any conflicts that may arise in the future, it is important that you and app development agency talk about it and sign an agreement declaring the ownership of the final product.

Check What Phones They Are Using

If your application developing agency claims that they design applications for Android phones, they should be seen using the phones that operate on the same operating systems. Using the phones which run on the same operating systems that they design applications for, means that they are accustomed to the style and the implications that come with it.

Ask About How the Application Will Be Tested

The development agency needs to satisfy their clients when it comes to the beta test of an application. It is done in order to make sure that the application functions smoothly on the platform that it has been designed for and to eliminate the chance of any glitches. This may include (but is not limited to) user acceptance testing, stress testing, load testing, etc.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

7-reasons-your-business-should-have-a-mobile-appWith changing times, more and more businesses are choosing to get mobile apps designed for their businesses. It is not just the giants of the industry that have mobile applications for their businesses, many small businesses have also jumped on to the bandwagon to reap many advantages over similar businesses that do not have a mobile app.

This article will discuss the seven most important reasons why your business needs a mobile application and the benefits this will have on your profits. Have a look:

1) You Will Be In The Range of Your Potential Customers (All The Time)

While it is true that most of the smart-phone users mostly use their devices for a small number of social networking applications, it does not diminish the important of the fact that while they are scrolling down the list of apps on Google Play Store or Apple App Store for the apps they want to download, there is a good chance they may also notice your business application as well.

This will increase the number of users who may know about your business through your application, resulting in more customers being directed to your business.

2) Direct Marketing

One major advantage of having an application developed for your business is that you can carry out direct marketing for your products or services through your business mobile app. With it, the users will be able to hear about any information about prices, sales and bookings in addition to other necessary aspects of business marketing.

Your customers will also be able give to direct feedback about your products or services and you can easily benefit from it and improve your performance.

3) Revolutionize Customer Relations

Do you have the old-fashioned loyalty card option for your customers through which they can avail a number of benefits? You can change that with a smart phone application for your business and make the process of using the loyalty card easier for your customers. You can get your application designed with a special feature for loyal customers and reap the benefits of repeat business.

It would be worth the money to hire a mobile app developer to create an Android or iPhone app for your business.

4) Smart Branding

Through your business mobile app, you can control the manner in which you carry out the advertising of your business. It is like a blank canvas on which you can make whatever picture you want about your business and the way people use your products or services.

You can get your mobile app designed according to the nature of your business and make it stand out among others. You should hire a professional mobile app developer or app development company who has the experience and expertise to guide you to have a mobile app that delivers stunning results.

Making your business application more interactive will mean that it has a better chance of becoming popular with the users as will result in the popularity of your business. Through a smart phone application you can build an image for your business while also making it popular through interaction with your customers.

5) Improve Communication With Your Customers

Creating a mobile app for your business will help you to have a better communication with your customers, be it their feedback towards your products or services or your responses towards them satisfying them about any issues.

Regardless of the nature of your business it is critical that your customers have a way of communicating with you so you can sort their issues out and make them valued. While it can be done easily through conventional means as well, having an application will speed up the process considerably enhancing its efficiency.

6) Make Your Business Stand Out

While the trend of getting smart phone applications designed for small businesses is still new and under-utilized, you can make your business stand out from the rest by getting on with this marketing project for your business.

7) Improve Customer Loyalty

There is so much emphasis being put on advertising of businesses today with businesses using conventional and improvised means for marketing. While conventional means of marketing cannot be undermined owing to their effectiveness, with a mobile application, better customer relations can be ensured by just a few taps.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a professional mobile app developer for hire, discuss about your app idea and launch your mobile app before your competition. We would be glad to work on your mobile app project, please fill the form below to request a free custom quote.

5 Top Strategies for Managing Virtual Teams

Managing a virtual team is by far one of the most important ingredients in a virtual business. It can be easy to work in a remote environment and efficiently handle a remote team if managed effectively.

Therefore it is quite significant to assemble a team that is competent enough to execute and handle a remote environment. However, managing virtual teams can be a difficult task unless you know how to properly do it. Here are top 5 strategies for managing virtual teams of web programmers for hire.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Web Design Company

If you want to succeed in a competitive market, you must have the finest brand experience for your clients and customers. With the heavy waves of advancements in technology over the past years, the ever advancing mobile and social web arena has provided customers the power to make choices between many variant platforms.

This means that you will have to select a professional web design agency or web development company in order to deliver your message effectively to your potential customers. Here we have gathered several steps that you can consider as a checklist while selecting the best web design company for your online brand presence.

1) Experience Matters

Experience and professionalism is one of the most important things to check in the web design company you choose to hire. You can measure this experience in terms of years, number of clients and moreover through the web design portfolio quality.

Years indicates the success and stability of the company in web design business while the number of clients indicates the experience of designing a variety of website design requirements from different clients.

It might be tempting to hire a low cost website programmer, freelancer or a small company, but these small web developers and freelancers usually do not have much experience and go with short term approach, this affecting your project in the long run. A better approach would be to partner or bring a more experience web development company that has the experience, resources, skills and expertise to make web design and development project a success.

The web development company you choose should have experience with mobile responsive design as well as have experience to guide their customer to create a successful website.

2) Cost and Value

Web designing cost can vary from agency to agency. In the business of web designing, “you get what you pay for” is a truthful saying.  Consider your website as a long term project and take it as a one-time investment. If you decide to pay some additional amount for the web design and managed to select the right company, your website will become a money making asset for you. Otherwise, it will be in great loss.

3) Content Updating Access

Make sure that you have a complete 24/7 access to update and edit the content of your website. This can be achieved by a software known as Content Management System or CMS. This access to content updating on the fly is considered as one of the best practices in web development for small businesses. It does not matter if you update your content on your own or not. You must have an access to make changes to the contents of your website whenever you need.

4) Help and Support

It is essential that you know if the company you are selecting for your web design, offers ongoing help and support or not? When purchasing a website, it is quiet significant that you select a web design company that offers a cost effective, reliable and professional support on a continuous basis. Assuring this would help you to have a professional assistance ready for you at the time of need.

5) All in One

It is a great idea to select a company for your website and online presence that can handle everything about your business website. A company providing complete range of web design and development facilities makes it convenient to manage your entire web presence in one place. The services may include: graphic design, domain names, copywriting, support, hosting, and most prominently online marketing. In short, the web design agency that you choose can further guide you to increase your website conversions, thus increasing ROI on you5-tips-for-choosing-right-web-design-companyr website.

How to Choose the Right Hosting for your Website


Web Hosting is the service that essentially connects internet to your website. These days, hundreds of web hosting companies are available which makes it quiet difficult to select the right web hosting service for your business website.

So how will you decide which hosting is perfect for you? And which hosting can fulfill all or most of the needs of your business site? Read below to find out the answers to these questions regarding knowing the right web hosting for your website.

In order to analyze the best web hosting for your site, you can consider the following aspects:

Know Your Own Needs

It is the most essential step to take as you cannot get anything unless you know what you want. First, think for a while about your needs.

  • What is the type of your website?
  • Is Windows hosting required or PHP / Linux hosting?
  • Do you require special version of software or features such as automatic backup, etc?
  • Do you have any special needs that you want the hosting company to provide?

These are some of the questions to ask yourself. Try to make a plan and recognize the things that can happen in the next 12 months.

Server Record

There cannot be anything important than having a web host that operates 24×7. Make sure that the web host you choose runs on a powerful server and a stable network. The recommended score for that is 99.5% or more. The score below 99% is unacceptable.

One way to check the score is to read Hosting reviews on which records are published by testing websites from time to time. Or you can track your hosting website with the server monitoring tools as well. Alternatively, you can consult your web programmers for hire and ask his recommendation.

Domains with Multiple Add-on

Since Domain names are so cheap these days, you cannot resist getting more than one domain. In fact there are many webmasters who have already own dozens of domains. For hosting these domains, extra hosting space will be needed, which is why to check you web hosting account if they allow multiple domains. Usually some web hosting companies offer 25 domains on the maximum but nowadays you can never be sure.

Server Upgrade Options

The shared web hosting is usually powerful enough for your needs. A guest shared account should be much adequate and sufficient for a proper optimizing WordPress blog having a 30,000 – 40,000 unique visitors every month. You would do just fine on a shared host if you manage to restrict your concurrent database connections to below 20.

However, if you realize that your website will be growing greatly in the next 2 or 3 years, then you might need to consider picking up the host having room for growth.

Renewal Cost

The Prices for shared hosting are normally cheap or are of the signup prices. However they charge much more upon renewals. There is no definite way of evading the renewal cost unless you plan to switch your host on every 2 or 3 years.

Generally, any price below $10 per month is considered as acceptable but you might get a lower tolerance. For avoiding unpleasant surprises, you should check the TOS and ensure that you are okay with the prices of renewal before you sign up.