5 Tips for Hiring Great Web Programmers

Tips To Hire Web Developers

There comes a time when you need web programmers to build and maintain your online web presence. A web programmer can be one of the most critical hires in your business as he/she is a person who will create your online face that will allow you to communicate with your clients and customers virtually.

Therefore, it is very significant that you hire a great web programmer or else, you will be risking your business and will be wasting time as well as money in searching for a replacement.

Following  are five important tips that will help you in hiring the perfect web programmer for your business:

1. Know Your Budget

The first thing to consider in hiring a website programmer is your budget. You need to understand how much you can spend and are willing to pay to the web developer. This should be a part of your business plan and business mode.

Knowing your budget will create price line which can help you in ruling out the web programmers who are too cheap and those who are too expensive. Furthermore, every web developer likes to deal with a company that clearly knows its expenses and budget.

Furthermore, considering to hire web programmer on-site is usually three to four times more costly than hiring an experienced remote web programmer. Many US companies outsource their web and app development work / projects to web development companies in Asia (Pakistan and India to be more specific). This model works great as it helps the US companies cut significant costs and increase their profit margins.

2. Clearly Know Your Objectives

Focus on your objectives rather than worrying about the look and feel of your website. Let the developer know about what you want to achieve with your web presence and what could be a worthwhile aspect of the website for which you can double your investment in it.

Making the developer understand about your goals is much more worthy as compared to letting him just know if your homepage should have a slider or not.

Also, you should know if you want to hire PHP developer, WordPress developer or  website programmer having skill-set in various technologies.

3. First Try the Developer with a Small Project

If you think that you have found the best or the ideal web developer for your business, then start him off with some small and non-critical projects. Test him out on some small projects so that you can have a better understanding of the skills of that web developer in terms of his capabilities, information handling skills, dealing with different situations etc.

This will help you in observing him or her in action and will provide you additional information outside the job interview.

4. Choose the One with Aptitude Rather Than Specific Skill Set

In today’s technological world, skills and work environment keep on becoming obsolete on approximately every two years due to the invention of new technologies. Therefore it is better to select someone who is capable of learning new technologies and who can blend in any kind of technological space related to web development, rather than a person who only knows a particular skill set and cannot work outside that circle.

The easiest way to recognizing this is to ask the developer some questions that reveal his or her love for learning. Another important factor to consider is whether you would like to hire dedicated developer or hire a web development company that provides full development services.

You should also consider if you just need to hire website programmer or developer that knows mobile app development as well. In this case, you can hire iPhone developer, Android developer or developer that can take care of all mobile platforms.

5. Checking References

Reference checking is an absolutely essential part of hiring however, and sometimes it is overlooked. Check for the previous records and work experiences of the web developer, and if possible, have a phone conversation with the references.

Also, when talking, focus on the tone of a reference’s recommendation about the developer and not just its content. This will give you a good idea about the person’s working expertise and behavior in a workplace.

Hope you found these five tips useful for hiring great web programmers for your business. If you’re looking to hire web developer or website programmers, please feel free to get in touch with My Web Programmer and you would be glad to work with them as they provide reliable, affordable and world-class web development services.

Top Qualities of Web Developers

Top Qualities

The IT Sector nowadays is among the most active spheres for doing business, creating projects and just working. The work done in web development is highly visible and a large number of web programmers are currently doing this. Despite the wide ranging demand for web programmer and developers all over the internet, you must be aware of the qualities that an expert or a professional web developer should have which makes him/her, the one which suits your needs.

Below are some of the qualities that you should seek when you’re looking to hire web programmer and developer.

1. Reliability and Trust

A professional mobile or website programmer is not just any person or contractor that you hire. Ideally, that person will become a part of your team and will carry the necessary skills and competences within your business. So, if in any case you don’t feel him to be trustworthy, then you will never feel comfort with him.

2. Passion for their work

A person having a deep passion for the work seems quite positive and excited about that work. And this excitement makes the person never want to leave the work and enjoy it, resulting in high productivity. This excitement can be seen in their interaction with you. So, if you hire a web developer who is not excited, walk away and skip that developer.

3. Adapt to situations

A professional website programmer has the ability to adapt and survive in any kind of situation. Using logical thinking and critical skills through the process of web development are okay, but a professional developer should adapt and improvise himself to the new demands and requirements by the clients.

4. Previous experience with clients

There are web programmers who are good at their work but not good in working with other clients. Having an experience with clients’ means that your developer will have a current process and workflow in position, which will give you a good working experience with the web developer and with you clients. If the developer or the web development company that you choose to hire has additional skills like how to increase your websites conversions, marketing tips for small businesses, knows essential elements an E-commerce website should have, etc, that should sure be an added advantage for your business.

5. Helping out Colleagues

One of the best quality in a professional website developer is that he/she works greatly as a team and not just only looks after for himself but for his team as well. This brings admiration to the developer’s work not only by you but by the colleagues as well.

6. Accepting that the Customer is Always Right

“Customer is Always Right” is a common cliché phrase, but it is also very much true. A professional web developer always listens to the customers and make changes and variations according to their demands. So if you’re web developer does not accept the phrase, then it might be a problem for your business.

7. Time is Money, Money is Time Attitude

A good web developer tends to meet the deadlines given by you. But, a professional web developer tends to set his/her own deadlines (with mutual consent, ofcourse) and leaves some time for making corrections and changing.

8. Good Communicating Skills

If you are looking for a professional website programmer to deal with your clients, then you must ensure that he/she is a good communicator. To deal with clients, the developer must have a pretty good communication power for making a strong bond between the company and the clients. Consistency, wide-ranging vocabulary and good presentation ensure the competitiveness of the company and the web developer as well.

These are some of the necessary skills of professional and quality web programmers which will help you out in selecting the best possible web developer for your business. You might want to read about some quick tips regarding how to hire web developer in three simple ways.

If you’re looking to hire web developer or website programmer, please feel free to get in touch with My Web Programmer and you would be glad to get in touch.

10 Essential Elements Your E-Commerce Website Should Have

By the time you set up your online E-commerce store, you can now take it to a global level rather than just reaching people locally. An E-commerce business has much more than just watching the cash to roll in from the website. Here are 10 essential things that can be done for your E-commerce website.

1. Know your Niche

Having a broad business plan is a common mistake in E-commerce business. E-commerce website entrepreneurs should make their big ideas to appear short and precise. This helps in getting the most customers with the least competition possible.

2. Find Your Competitive Advantage

You should determine your competitive advantage other than the fact of having catchy product descriptions or a nice logo. To do so, find answers to questions like: Who is the target audience? What benefit/solution is your product offering to the audience? Who are your competitors and what strengthens you over them?

3. Self-Promotion Is Key

The term ‘Promote your businesses’ seems easier than it is done. Internet has a number of marketing articles and the strategies listed there seems practicable for a promising E-commerce business. Therefore, self-promotion (besides the strategies from the internet) acts as a key to success.

4. Show Off Your Stuff!

The homepage of your website is your version of a creative store having people dressed perfectly, window displays, and sales persons on the floor helping the customers in purchases. Make it look as good as you possibly can. Hire an E-commerce development company that can help you build an amazing E-commerce store.

5. Simplify Your Life

It is best for ambitious business workers to make things as simple as possible. Select an ecommerce platform like OpenCart or Magento and launch an online shop by using pre-exising features that you can get optimized from the E-commerce website developers according to your requirements. This would help you save time and money (comparing with developing everything from scratch).

6. Work closely with social.

As social media gives you a continuous glimpse of your customers’ lifestyle, therefore it is the soul of analyzing a lot of things about your E-commerce business. It is okay if you hire a manager for social media marketing, but it is important that you get yourself involved in it too.

7. Test absolutely everything

A good advice is to invest in testing and analytics before, after and during the launch of the E-commerce business. A good way to know the customer needs is to think as a customer and understand what’s in and what’s out of the trend and the reasons behind them.

8. Integrate social elements

Including social elements like testimonials follow buttons, product reviews, and even social login options are all great ideas as they help in tracking a consumer takes.

9. Gather information

It is always significant to have a solid research, collect information about the customers and build a database in order to benefit in your future launches.

10. Go mobile

As the research shows that worldwide consumer expenditure through mobile have boosted from $204 billion in 2014 to $626 billion in 2018, it is said that the tablets will be playing an increasingly important role in the future. Therefore make your E-commerce website mobile centric while keeping the mobile facts in mind. If required, get a mobile app developed for your E-commerce store from a mobile app development company.

These are a few Essential Elements brought to you by My Web Programmer, which you can consider to integrate while making an E-commerce website for your business. My Web Programmer is a professional web development company which helps customers in the development of E-commerce websites.

10 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Marketing Tips

You might think it is not possible for you to promote the things you do because you are a small business. This is not a good excuse. All you have to do is to follow some proven tips and tricks below which will help you get the word out about your own business and you can watch it go up.

1. Referral Program

This is an excellent means of motivating individuals to become a brand ambassador of the company you are running. The major benefit of this referral program is that you can use your existing customers to find new consumers for you. When selecting the referral program, it is significant that you select the correct variation of it. Before moving on to next marketing tips, one crucial tip is to get a professional website by hiring web developer, or if you already have one, get it revamped if it’s outdated.

2. Content Marketing

Content creation and distribution provides you with the chance to divert the traffic on your website and increase the acquisition of customers. Content marketing comprises of creating the pieces of content such as e-books, podcasts, white papers, webinars, etc. Try to target the customers through your content by using target oriented words.

3. Hosting a Meet Up

Every small business organization can host a meet up. It is a casual free event which gives you a great chance of increasing the offline user network as well as it boosts the brand awareness and improve the knowledge about product or service.  You can also join other meet ups hosted by other businesses to promote your business as well as hire resources such as web programmers to assist you with your business.

4. Email Marketing

Emails are among the fast and inexpensive way for promoting the product and content of your business straight from your fingertips. Small businesses can effortlessly set up their campaigns of email marketing by using tools such as MailChimp. Emails can be used to upsell the products to your current customers and educate them about new products of your business.

5. Join Hands with Other Related Businesses

By teaming up with your partners and other same kind of business, you ensure yourself twice as much brand awareness. This can be done by having a joint case study or organizing a joint event.

6. Forums Participation

Forums like Google+, Reddit, online groups, and Quora are some of the forums that you can participate in. You can engage in these online social groups and increase your online network presence by promoting and sharing your thoughts about various topics on these forums and letting more people know about your small business.

7. Engage in Speaking Programs

Speaking programs either big or small offers you the chance of educating more and more people about the product or services that your company offers. It does not matter if it is in a local college class or at a large conference, always attend such programs and participate as a speaker. It gives you not only the public speaking skill but also it helps in putting your brand forward.

8. SEO

Search Engine optimization is quite and effective technique which upsurges the website visibility in search engines. Use SEO in combination with content marketing in order to optimize the searches of your company’s website so that it can gain traffic and more customers.

9. Apply for Business Awards

Most industries have business awards which you can also win. This will give you an online badge which you can put on the company website to boost up the credibility and increase the sales.

10. Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media marketing is one of the most cost effective tactics of marketing. The use of social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. can help you market your business at a much faster pace. It can help you reach customers who are outside of your geographic circle.

These are some of the tips for marketing your small business effectively that can help you grow your business. Hope you find them useful and take your business to the next level.

10 Tips to Hire a Good Web Development Company


To attract customers towards your business, you need an effective website. This will help you in generating sales leads, close sale and it multiplies the business profit along with it. This makes it important for you to choose the best web development company for your website. When looking to hire a web programming and development company, there are some tips to consider before making a decision to move ahead.

1. Skills and Professionalism

Before selecting a web design and development company, you should check if the company has experienced and qualified professionals. You don’t want your website to be made by the hands of amateurs.

2. Mobile-Friendly Design

Nowadays, smartphone usage has increased more than ever and people use mobile for various tasks each day. It is therefore essential for you to work with a professional web development company that offers mobile-friendly design services, mobile apps and mobile friendly website design so that your customers can have the ease of access on their smartphones as well.

3. Client testimonials and reviews

It would be beneficial to read the client reviews regarding the services of the company you are hiring. This will give you an idea if you can trust the company and its credibility. If required, contact the clients and ask them about the services and take feedback of the company you are planning to hire.

4. Review Portfolio

By reviewing the portfolio of various website design and development companies, you gain an insight of the skills and expertise of the companies along with the style each firm is offering.

5. Good Communication

Professional web design and development companies leverage multiple modes of communication for interacting with the client, for example Skype, conference calls, screen sharing, email communication, project management and collaboration system, etc. They make sure that all the details of the project are communicated to and from the client in order to get the best possible results.

6. Fees and Results should be connected

Good web design and development companies have various resources to work on your projects. Firstly, wireframes will be created for your project by business analyst, designer will then do the UI, developer will then do the programming, software quality assurance then do testing and get all the bugs fixed by the team. So the fees you pay to a professional web development company to work on your project is worth it as you get your project completed in a smooth and professional manner.

7. Inquire About SEO Knowledge

Search engine optimization or SEO is highly required for your website to go on top in the search engines. The more it gains the rank, the more traffic you will have and the more will be the customers on your business. Therefore it is quite essential to inquire the company about proper SEO knowledge.

8. Easy billing

You should see if the billing method is easy and convenient for you or not. Smart and experienced web design and development companies accepts the payment via major credit cards as well as PayPal. Large projects are divided into different milestones and clients can pay for each milestone once its completed.

9. Design and Hosting

Many website companies offer design along with different hosting packages, or at least suggest clients which hosting company to choose for.

10. Work Sharing

Smart companies usually leverage the advantage of developer communities based work, gain insights and make use of open source community. Why re-invent the wheel when a lot of well maintained, scale-able and powerful open source frameworks are available that can help clients launch their project in a timely and cost-effective manner. Some expert companies go an extra mile and contribute to the community in whatever way they can.

However, some clients require their project to be developed from scratch and not to use any open source framework. This can also be achieved, but you should inform your web development company beforehand.

These are a few tips and details which you can consider while selecting a web design and development company to launch a professional website for your business.

My Web Programmer is a professional web development company having expert website programmers to help you launch your website in an efficient and effective manner. Contact My Web Programmer to get a custom quote for your project.