increase website conversion rate

7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Website Conversions

Increasing website conversion rates is essential for every business. As more conversions means higher sales volume and business growth.

Let’s assume you’re looking to increase sales by 60%. You could do this by advertising more, spending 6-% more effort and time in marketing and producing 60% more content. All of this might work for you.

But a more cheaper and faster way doing it would be increasing your conversion rates. If you currently have 2% conversion, then going to 3.2% would give a 60% increase in results.

Increasing conversion rate is not brain surgey – sometimes making small tweaks can uplift the conversion rate significantly.

How to Hire PHP Developers the Right Way!

Are you trying to find PHP Developer for hire but are having a tough time to decide where to find them? There are many Freelance websites that list PHP Developers for hire, but have pros and cons of-course, and hiring a good programmer is very necessary from the very start.

How to Hire Web Developer (3 Simple Ways)

It’s important to hire web developer that is right for your business the first time out, as a professional web developer will help in achieving your business goals like creating an online presence of your company, attract more customers, increase conversion rates and perfect your branding.

Here are three simple ways you can hire a great web developer.